Frito Lay’s Flavoured Potato Chips

ChowtimesNoWord32x32This post is written upon free samples provided to us by Frito-Lay Canada. We are not paid for this post.

We did not think that they were serious.

Frito Lay wrote to us some time ago alerting us that they had recently reduced the level of sodium in its entire lineup of Lay’s flavoured potato chips by at least 25% and up to 50% in some flavours.  They asked chowtimes if we would be agreeable to feature this in our blog.  We replied saying that we do not mind doing so as long as it benefits our readers.  We asked them for coupons that we can give away.

Well, they said did not have coupons but said they can ship us samples instead.


Even though they said shipped us some but I did not think that they would ship an entire box.


We always have a bag (or two) at home … but we never had so much before.  Oh yeah … Nanzaro was estatic over all the chips.


Frito Lay shipped us six different types of flavours.  What’s your favourite?  I like the Bar-B-Q the best but hate the Ketchup.  The Sour Cream and Onions are not bad.

Oh … about the sodium level of Lay’s potato chips …

Here is the little pitch from Frito Lay:

Potato chips and salty snack products are often thought to be higher in sodium, but it may surprise you to find out that a 2007 Statistics Canada report shows that salty snacks actually account for only 1% of the salt in Canadians’ diets. Even so, Frito Lay Canada committed to reducing the sodium in its entire lineup of Lay’s® flavoured potato chips.

According to a widget that Frito Lay had put up to help everyone compare the sodium level of the Lays potato chips against some of our favourite food:

50g serving of Lay’s chips consist of 27mg sodium while 37g serving of salted peanuts consist of 310mg of sodium.

Sorry all.  Suanne and I would have shared the chips with you if it were coupons Frito Lay sent us.  It is just too expensive to send you the samples.

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  1. Cathy

    My favorite is the salt and vinegar one. At first, I didn’t like it but it grew on me. I got my husband into it, and he loves it too. Recently, My husband is on a no dairy diet, and unfortunately, that flavor has milk proteins in it. Does the new recipe still have it in the ingredients? If so, think you can coax them to change the recipe? 🙂

    1. branda

      hey cathy, i know its been a while since we talked but i hope you and your husband still van eat the salt and vinigar chips. seee you in a couple months x0x0 your fav, branda

  2. van pham

    i didn’t know that lay’s had a ketchup flavor. i love salt and vinegar and dill pickle but they both leave my mouth feeling funny afterward.

  3. Mistrmind

    How about you send me 1 chip then?

    1. Suanne

      OK … you sure? What flavour do you want? Just email me your mailing address. LOL!

  4. GourmetBride

    When hubs and I visited China last year, we stopped by Walmart and found blueberry and mango flavoured Lays. We tried both, it’s kinda interesting as it’s sweet and savory.

  5. Bob DiFrancesco

    I have been buying Lay’s Potato Chips for years in all varieties but I have to say that now I don’t do that. When you came out with the Garden Tomato & Basil Chip, you outdid yourselves. Most of the other flavors have gone by the wayside, at least for now. This has to be the ULTIMATE chip on the market today. I’m hooked. While I still buy some of the others occasionally, it’s usually because they’re out of the Garden Tomato & Basil ones. Now, what will happen if I tire of those? Just between you and me and a gazillion others, I’ll just go back to the other flavors. Not very soon, though.

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