Lido Restaurant in Richmond, Revisited

This is going to be a quickie post.  Am posting this since we got pictures taken and did not want it to go to “waste”.

We had been to Lido numerous times ever since we first discovered this place almost two years ago.  As a matter of fact, this is our favourite restaurant if we do not need to go eat at a new place for this blog.


We like Lido because it is cheap and serves good food too.  So, the day after we returned from our Spain vacation, we went to Lido for good old comfort food.


Lido is always busy.  There is always a line during peak dining hours.  You gotta leave your name with the waiters who doesn’t even issue you a number.  So, you gotta have your ears peeled in case they call you.


Lido’s specialty is their Pineapple Bun (known as Bolo Bau in Cantonese).  If you have never tried this before you must order this.  This is so popular that you gotta order this when you leave your name for a table.  This is because they are almost always taken the moment they take it out of the oven — serious, I am not kidding.

And the Bolo Bau is best eaten hot out of the oven.  I dare to swear that they have the best Bolo Bau in Metro Vancouver … and maybe even the best outside of Hongkong too.

Lido is a Hongkong Style Cafe and that means …


… an inclusive beverage of your choice.  We normally order Milk Tea but this time we ordered the lighter sweetened lemon tea.  We just felt like ordering something lighter because we had been eating like there is no tomorrow during our vacation.


The best food here are those that are on the signs on the wall.  We are so handicapped here because we can’t read all these specials.  So we always had to rely on the menu which just list the common items.


Suanne ordered the Claypot Rice with Salted Fish and Pork ($9.25).  We can never get bored with this simple rice with meat.  You need to wait a bit for this because they will only start steaming the rice in the claypot upon your order.  They will always come sizzling in the hotpot.


The best part?  The burnt rice at the bottom of the pot.  Not many places do this having preferred not to serve this with burnt bottom.  But here in Lido, they do.  And it is amazingly delish!


I had the Wonton Lo Mein … i.e. this is Wonton Noodles without the soup.  They make some of the best wontons in town with really thin wrappers.


The meal is $23 in all.  They accept only cash here.

Before we left, they gave us a complimentary dessert.  We never had this before.  Apparently on weekdays from noon to 2PM and 6PM to close, they gave out free desserts for any purchase above $15 (two free desserts above $35).  It was a nice surprise.

It was great having real food after all 3 weeks in Spain. He he he!

Lido Restaurant on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

7 days a week
Opening Hour: 7:15 AM
Closing Hour: Mon, Wed, Thu and Sun: 10:00 PM
Closing Hour: Tue: 6:00 PM
Closing Hour: Fri & Sat: 11:00 PM

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  1. iSushi

    Claypot tastes good, but you shouldn’t eat too much (if any) of the burned rice because it can cause people to get cancer.

  2. Adelaide

    Yeah, and sometimes those desserts are HUGE!

  3. lululu

    i’ve been there once. what u mentioned is so true that u hv to grab the bun ASAP when they r out!!!!! they r gone like in zero second!

  4. Erick P.

    Ben, totally agree with your assessment of their Pineapple Buns. Best buns including HK. My Hong Kong wife went to Lido three times within two days to eat their buns. We also had lunch there and our kids both gave it their Double Thumbs-Up which rarely happens when we go out to eat Chinese food. Maybe their tastes are turning the corner. We can only hope!

    Next time we’re in Richmond, we should meet up at Lido and we can translate the menus for you. For comfort food, I can’t think of any place better than Lido right now, sorry Kam Do.

    1. Ben

      Hi Erick: Yeah, for sure. Next time you come up to Vancouver, let us know. You know our email addresses. Yeah, for HK Style Cafe breakfast, our #1 choice is almost always Lido. It is the pineapple bun freshly out from the oven and the hot milk tea we always ask for. Ben

  5. marrie

    We like Lido because it is cheap and serves good food too. So, the day after we returned from our Spain vacation, we went to Lido for good old comfort food.

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