Excellent Tofu and Snacks on Hazelbridge Way and Browngate, Richmond

On the way home after tasting “Mao Ze Dong’s Most Favoured Dish“, I suggested to Suanne that we go get some sweet dessert.

I actually am not that crazy over dessert but I know Suanne will definitely say yes.


We had always wanted to try the Tofu Pudding from Excellent Tofu and Snack. They are located on the strip mall by Hazelbridge and Browngate. It is just a couple of doors away from Lido.


Service was terrible here. The lady manning the long low counter sure looked grumpy and has a face as long as my arms.  No smiles but that’s OK with us. She was kind of not too pleased when we try to asked questions about her menu.

And then she sweetened up when she noticed that we pull out a camera and notebook. She was MUCH more sweeter to us after that and her tone changed.  LOL!


Excellent Tofu is basically a soy pudding place. Their menu is simple. It is either soy pudding with toppings or flavoured ones. They have some tofu based snacks too.

I ordered the one with black glutinous rice. I had an option for either hot or cold … I selected the hot one.  $3.25.


The soy pudding came tasting very bland. I like it sweet and added the sugar syrup to sweeten it up.

I find that the soy pudding here are too soft. Suanne’s homemade ones are much better and a little bit more firmer. Making this at home is simple but requires practice. Check out the recipe Suanne has for Sweet Soy Pudding here.


They have two types of sweet syrup — plain sugar and the brownish one tasted sweet with ginger flavour. We were also given two other sauces … (salty) soya sauce and (spicy) chili oil.


The soya sauce and chili oil is for Suanne’s order. She wanted to be adventurous and ordered the soya pudding Shanghai Style. $3.75.

We were not used to the savory and salty nature of this pudding. They had Chinese donuts (Youtiao), preserved vegetables and dried shrimp.  Tastes weird to us but we understand that this is how it is commonly served in Northern China.


Can you read that above? It is displayed at the entrance of the shop.

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  1. Sherman

    Hey Ben, don’t you love the change of attitude when the DSLR comes out? I notice this sometimes too. I don’t know whether to feel honoured or cheated. Then everything after that seems contrived. Whatever the case, you were right when you said that the cameras were powerful (and not in a zoom way either). LOL…

  2. Angie

    I thought that I went to this tofu place with Suanne a while ago. Am I right?

    1. Suanne

      Hi Angie, you are right. We had been there before but Ben has not been to this place.

  3. Gretch

    This place is so cute. I had some awesome turnip cake here. The soy pudding is odd but its a must try at least once. You should go back when the guy is working there. Hes not much for smiles either but he looks so good behind the retro counter in his old man suspenders and pants up to his chin.

  4. J

    I frequent this tofu store and love it here. The service is like many asian restaurants… you go for the food.. not for the service. The owner (old man) is generally pretty nice, his sons are very quiet, and his wife (i am assuming) is usually pretty rude.. lol !!!

  5. Jimbo

    Service? This is a “tofu” joint what did you expect. People should get off their high horse and think of where they are at before they make comments about service. You ain’t eating at a French restaurant and [** remaining rude words edited out by moderator **].

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