Taiwan Beef Noodle King on Oak St., Vancouver

It’s supposed to be cake meet day.  However, Polly had signed up as volunteer for her girls’ school walkaton.   It was an exceptionally windy day.  After being in the field for two hours,  Polly wanted to have a hot bowl of noodle soup instead of cake.  So, we decided to check out Taiwan Beef Noodle King on Oak St.


The story is Polly had mentioned to me before that she liked this place called “Lau Wang Ji” (in Mandarin) which was located on Granville St before but was closed some time ago.  I remembered spotting the Chinese name of the Taiwan Beef Noodle King on Oak St. as “Lau Wang Ji” too.  I thought it could be the same restaurant and wanted to go with Polly to confirm it.


Yes, it was the same restaurant with the same server and even same furnitures.  There is not much of decoration but the place is clean and bright with skylight.


We ordered a plate of Pan Fried Pork Dumpling as appetizer.  The dumplings were pan fried perfectly outside with the charred marks and still moist inside.  This plate of 8 pieces costs $5.


I ordered their signature dish, Stewed Beef Noodle in Soup.  The server told us that their beef noodle has 30 more years of history.  The Stewed Beef Noodle in soup has quite a few of chunky tender beef and served with sour pickle vegetable and bok choy.  The noodle is hand made and has a good chewy texture to it.  I enjoyed this bowl of noodle which only costs $6.25.


Polly ordered the Noodle Soup with Stewed Beef and Beef Tendon.  It is very similar to mine except that it has extra beef tendon.  This bowl costs $7.50.  We particularly like the sour pickled vegetables as it adds some crunch to it and the sourness brings out our appetite.


While we were enjoying our noodles, we overheard another table ordering Marinated Pork Intestines.  We missed this appetizer from the menu and we just cant resists to order a plate to try.  As Polly said, this is the type of dish that she’ll never make at home and it’s something that she will order when eating out.  This appetizer costs $3.25.


Here’s their take out menu. The image is kind of small but you can click on it to show a more legible version.

I enjoyed the food here and will definitely come back when I craze for a bowl of beef noodle soup.  Oh, this place only accepts cash.

By the way, the Taiwan Beef Noodle King is located at the previous Toi Kee Restaurant location.

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  1. LotusRapper

    THANK YOU, Ben. I miss this place when they were on Granville (old location now a new Cantonese seafood restaurant). And their new location now on Oak is < 10 mins drive for me. Food looks very good. I must check out.

    1. Kevin

      Actually, Suanne posted about this! ;P

      1. LotusRapper

        Ooops very sorry Suanne. I’m used to Ben posting the restaurant reviews.

        BTW, it’s kind of amusing how the Google Streetview image shows the previous restaurant Toi Kee and not LWJ. And is LWJ’s sign not complete ? …. there’s no English on it.

  2. Katie

    I love love love dumplings. I discovered them while I was overseas and, as much as I try, I just can’t replicate them at home. Just looking at your photo is making me hungry!

  3. Christine

    Just wondering, is the shop on Cambie the same as the one on Oak?

  4. Winnie

    If you like Taiwanese beef noodle, you may want to check out Sunway Restaurant in Empire Centre. (same mall as Shiang Garden)

    They have very tender beef and noodle with texture too. And their pop corn chicken (aka salt crispy chicken) is the best I found in town. And even better they don’t add MSG to their food (which most Taiwanese noodle places are known to use generously in their dishes)

    1. Ben

      Oh nice Winnie. I was discussing with Suanne just last weekend that we can’t think of any place in Richmond that serves good Taiwanese Beef Noodle. We will check out Sunway one of these days. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. LotusRapper

    Finally made it to LWJ tonight. I was on my way home from errands and had to find some dinner. I was in the area and suddenly remembered about this post. So I popped by and they were open.

    To make long story short …… food was good. Had the 1/2 beef 1/2 beef tendons with beef broth noodles. Nice hearty soup base with a confident amount of body and depth. Good start. The big chunks of beef and tendons were tasteful and tender. A few fat ieces of bok choy as accompaniment. Another good sign. The noodles were cooked just right (Chinese al dente ?), slightly wider than fettuccine and generous portioned in the bowl. Bingo ….. we have a winner !

    I also ordered a side dish of deep fried pork chop. Came nice and hot, crispy and “garlicky”. A bit fatty in some places but I totally don’t mind. Perfect partner to the noodles bowl.

    Damage was $11-something with taxes. Tipped $2. Walked out full and happy. Will return 😀

  6. tim

    normal food /too small
    overpriced/ low class
    tbn copycat

    1. Ben

      Hi Tim:
      I sort of understand what you meant by too small but can you explain what you meant by “copycat”? You seem very angry with TBN King. Want to understand why.

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