Beefy Beef Noodle on Main and King Edward, Vancouver

For the past few days, I kept thinking about Taiwanese Beef Noodles. It was because Suanne went with Polly to the Taiwan Beef Noodle King without me. She was raving to me about that place for so long and then she quietly went without me. I was jealous. LOL!

I like Taiwanese Beef Noodles. My favourite places are Lao Shan Dong and the No 1 Beef Noodles Housebut they are both in Burnaby. I can’t think of one decent Taiwanese Beef Noodle place in Richmond. Can you?


Suanne and I decided to go for a late night supper a couple of weeks ago.

Actually it was I, not Suanne, that wanted supper. Actually I wanted Beef Noodles. Actually I wanted Beef Noodles because Suanne had Beef Noodles earlier and was raving about how good it was at the Taiwan Beef Noodle King.

Beef-Noodle-LogoSince there were no worthy Beef Noodle place in Richmond, we drove all the way across the bridge to Vancouver. We know of one place we had on our list of restaurants to try … Beefy Beef Noodles.

The newly opened Beefy Beef Noodle is actually the sister restaurant to the No 1 Beef Noodle. They share the same simple block logo.

They are located on Main and King Edward. They occupy the same spot where the Rekado’s Filipino fusion restaurant used to be.

I wish they would one day decide to open an outlet too in Richmond. I won’t be surprised if it turns out to be wildly popular given their already good reputation of serving some of the best beef noodles in Metro Vancouver.

Moreover they open till late — midnight on weekdays and until 2AM on weekends. So yeah … Richmond needs a place like this for sure.


The Beefy Beef Noodles interior is bright and spacious. The restaurant took up two shop lots and that gives it the wide spacious feeling to it. The glass wall on one end of the place adds to that big restaurant feel.

On the other side of the restaurant they have a chalk board of their specials.


Although I intended to come here for beef noodles, I ended up not ordering it. It was because they had this item called Shang Xi Style Dry Noodle written prominently on the chalkboard. I was curious about it and so I ordered that instead.

What is Shang Xi anyway? Is that the name of a region in China?


It is noodles with some minced meat sauce. The meat should be pork. The sauce tasted a lot like … Mapo Tofu except that it does not have tofu.

It was a good choice going for this. It is a simple dish with the uncomplex flavour coming directly from the sauce and …


… the perfect consistency of the noodles. They make the noodles so well that I could eat it with just the sauce. I think their noodles is one of the things that makes them stand out from many other beef noodles places. This dish is $7.


If you scroll up to the top of the page, you will notice that they have the words “Salty Peppery Chicken” right under their restaurant name on the signboard. So we guess this is also their specialty and they must be particularly proud of this dish that they put it up so prominently. So Suanne got this as her choice.

And it was good.


On their menu it is called the Crispy Salty Peppery Chicken and Noodle in Soup. It is $7 also.


The noodles is served in a clear broth. This already good tasting noodles plays second fiddle to the salty peppery chicken.

We love the combination … milder wetter noodles contrasting with the drier crispy chicken. We did not dump the chicken into the soup and instead choose to eat it alternately.

Slurp the noodles … munch the chicken. Nice. Real nice.


The best part of the chicken is the extra-crispy bits left on the plate. Make sure you pick each piece up and clean the plate. They are the best.

Moreover, it is a good thing to finish the plate clean. You see, when I was young, my mum used to tell me that I must make sure that I clean every grain of rice and food from my bowl. If I don’t do that, I will end up some day with a pimple-faced wife just like the morsels of food left on the bowl. The more food, the more pimple. Now you know why Suanne’s face is smooth. LOL!


I love Beefy Beef Noodles. It is cheap too. I am going to go back some day to try their Beef Noodles for sure.

They have a very extensive menu. So there are lots of dishes left for us to discover. Check out their menu by clicking on the images below:


Beefy Beef Noodle House 京園牛肉麵 on Urbanspoon

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  1. wyn

    Yes, it is such a boon to the west-side (or ME!!) that No. 1 Beef Noodle in Burnaby has a shop on Main. I love the noodles they use–thick, flat, and just correct in consistency. We usually do not deviate from getting a tomato beef brisket noodle soup–it’s wonderfully tangy and another one of their specialties. The slices of tomato make it seem more healthy than the salty pepper chicken noodle that we also love.

    That Shang Xi noodle reminds me of a more wet Ja Jiang Noodle and now I know to order that… love that you reviewed the place because I want to see this location stay for a long time.

    1. Suanne

      Hi Wyn: Oh yeah. It was kind of a shock to see Rekado’s disappear suddenly. I have a feeling Beefy Beef Noodles will do alright. Ben

  2. Marike

    I was surprised to see this place crop up too. My friends brought me here recently and I had the beef noodle. It was actually just ok as the beef slices were way too thick for me to eat comfortably. Not sure what cut of beef is supposed to be in taiwanese beef noodle, but these ones looked link loin with bits of tendon dispersed throughout. Kinda like the reddish beef slices you see in the cold appy platter in chinese banquets.

    I found their menu to be SO diverse. Just pages and pages of drinks, and bubble tea too. Can’t wait to go back for the chicken.

  3. Tara

    Thanks for posting the menu. Great!

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