Guu in Aberdeen, Richmond

It’s getting tougher to look for a new cake place for cake meet with Polly. I got a couple of places to check out but only found out that they are open late in the afternoon which does not suit our timing. It was also a rainy day and we ended up in Aberdeen Center in Richmond. At least the car park is covered and there is plenty of parking spaces. That’s why we ended up our cake meet at Guu in Aberdeen.


Guu in Aberdeen opens for lunch at 11:30am. That is still ok with us. Since we were there at about 11:00 am, we had some time to do some groceries shopping before our lunch. Polly likes to do her groceries shopping on Friday as most groceries places are packed with people in the weekends. As for me, I like to do my groceries shopping at the beginning of the week as I seldom cook during weekends.


Guu is a Izakaya type of Japanese restaurant.  All the servers will greet you the moment you enter and leave the restaurant.  They are full of enthusiasm.  I like their high spirit.  The only other Asian restaurant that practice such greetings are Taiwanese restaurant.  However, they are more subtle.


Polly likes Guu’s cup and condiment holders, especially the cup with the fish imprints.  Chinese restaurants usually have toothpicks at the counter but in Guu, they actually have them on the table.  What a nice touch.


We ordered two items to share.  The first item was called the Guuu’d Box.  It’s on the lunch special menu.  This bento box costs $12.95.   The bento box includes a miso soup and salad.


The main item on the bento box is the sake and soy sauce marinated fresh tuna on sushi rice.  This is listed as mini size on the menu.


The sides include salmon, shrimp, scallop sushi, and …


… deep fried agedashi tofu, prawn and tuna sashimi, and Tamago(egg) on a bed of stringy fresh daikon.


We also ordered a Panfried Pork Ginger which costs $8.50.  This comes with rice and miso soup.  The serving is quite large that it can serves two person with an extra bowl of rice.  The pork is tender and very gingery.  Both of us like this dish.  We still prefer cooked food more than the sashimi.


It’s a nice change from our regular cake meet. We should do this more often, trying out more variety of food.

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  1. Katy

    I’ve never been to Guu in Richmond only because I keep on hearing how much it lacks compared to the other locations. Shame because I live 5 minutes away. =(

  2. Kenrick

    I hear that too but I’ve eaten at Guu many times and people who say that are just being too extreme. Sure it really isn’t as good as the Guu downtown, but it by no means is terrible. Everytime I go I am satisified. 🙂

  3. Joanne

    Hi Suanne… have you been to the Pastry Club Dessert Cafe in Kerrisdale? I’ve never actually been there myself but have only walked by… from what I remember, they open really early in the morning and close around dinner time. This might work for you and Polly for your cake meets.

    1. Suanne

      Hi Joanne, thanks for the recommendation. In fact, I have that on my list of cake meet places to go.

  4. Jeff

    Check out Guu for dinner, especially if you like robata! They have plenty of wonderful grilled foods that are great with drinks they serve (alcoholic and non). Also much better than Guu on Thurlow IMO

  5. mark

    Seems like people say this Guu isn’t as good because they serve different things. This used to be a sushi bar so I assume that’s why they serve more raw food than the other Guus. I actually like the fact that each one has a different “personality.”

    1. Ben

      Hi GuuIzakaya: Yes, please go ahead but appreciate if you could credit Ben

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