Couple Arrested For Refusing To Pay Tips!

I know this will provoke a response from some of our readers:


What do you think?

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  1. Joanne

    It also happens here in vancouver. The now-closed Japanese restaurant in metrotown mall, Taiso, always included the tips in your bill, which annoyed me. The service had always been bad each time i dined there. Tip is not supposed to be required. if it is required, the workers would never try to give their best service to customers. Isnt good service supposedly the whole point of giving tips, in the first place?

  2. LotusRapper

    Sadly when an establishment explicitly states that under certain (or all) conditions that a built-in gratuity is charged, then it IS part of your food bill whether you like it or not.

    And we all know (and have been to) restaurants where the sub-standard service did not deserve a gratuity/tip. But if it’s stated on the menu then it is what it is.

    Personally I’d rather not put up the fuss and simply pay and never go back to a place where I received bad food, service, or both. Best revenge ? …… write a damning review on a local food blog or restaurant review site. Word of mouth (or blog) is more effective than dealing with the situation on the spot in the restaurant that may lead to a bad confrontation.

    Speaking of Taisho (and now Kawawa), they had nothing but bad reviews ….. so talk about “revenge” 😀

    1. LotusRapper

      Sorry, the 2nd link is rather “colourful” and viewer discretion is advised 😉

  3. Yellow Man

    I think it’s too crazy for the waiter to call the cop to arrest them even if this couple are cheap people. I don’t know why what was going on to that cop. I think he should get out his comfy chair in his office or from Tim Horton, to do things more meaningful to the tax payers or to do more good deeds for the society, likes: catching shop liftings, catching robberies on the street,…instead of choosing to deal with these small potatoe cases. In addition, what government law or bill said that we have to legally forced to pay for gratuity? This cop is not only lazy, but he also, is an idiot cop, he is a shame for the police department.

  4. Michael

    This is a straight forward contractual dispute. It wasn’t theft. Provided they gave the owner of the restaurant their name, they simply disputed the value of the bill.


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