Bouchons au Thon

The South Arm Cooking Club for seniors had a guest on their last cooking session.  The guest is Margaret Hewlett, the executive director from the Richmond Food Bank Society.  Can you guess why is she invited?


The reason is the food concession at the South Arm Community Center Christmas craft fair was a great success.  The seniors made the Best Cocoa Brownies, a few types of sandwiches and hot chocolates for the food concession.  The response was so good that they ran out of food and have to go out to buy more ingredients to make more sandwiches.


People are very generous and they pay generously for the food at the concession.  Stella presented the proceeds of $681 to Margaret.  This is the time of the year where the food bank needed donations the most during the holiday season.  Margaret shared with the seniors some information on the Richmond Food Bank Society and offered the seniors a tour of the Richmond Food Bank Society in the near future.


Alright, back to food, the theme for this cooking session is appetizers as the Christmas holiday is approaching fast.  The first appetizer is called Bouchons au Thon.  Bouchon in french means cap or cork or stopper while au thon is tuna.  Therefore Bouchons au Thon is literally translated to Tuna Cap or Tuna Cork.  This is more so if it is baked in a regular muffin tin. This recipe is adapted from Orangette and it makes 8.


These Bouchons are like miniature, crustless tuna quiches.  They are delicious warm or at room temperature, and can be baked in any configuration: miniature muffins, regular muffins, or tart-size.  They also freeze well, and should be gently reheated before serving.


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Midam Rice Cake House on North Road, Coquitlam

Right after our dinner at Ddoo Gau Bee, we decided to go downstairs and check out the dessert place.


We had passed by this place before and was attracted by the beautiful looking rice cakes displayed at the entrance. This time we made a point to save some stomach room for dessert after the dinner at Ddoo Gau Bee.

This place is kind of mysterious to us because you could not see what is inside.


We were very surprised how nice this cafe is. It looks like a very traditional Korean restaurant. But it is also so eerily quiet. Besides us, there were only two other couples. For a moment, we thought they were about to close or something.


It seems like they encourage their customers to hang out here. They have shelves of books, magazines and board games that you could use.

Frankly, we felt kind of awkward here. The waitress here does not speak English well and it seems like she is uncomfortable serving us because we don’t speak Korean.

Anyway, not knowing what to order, we just pointed to some of the more colourful rice cakes they have on display. To our surprise, she told us that almost every rice cakes are not available and need to be pre-ordered. We initially found that kind of strange.


They have a limited selection of rice cakes on display at the counter. So, we ordered a couple to try.

The one on the left is called the … (more…)

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