The Top Restaurants in Vancouver — According to Urbanspoon (#6 – #10)

Here is the continuation from the list of Top Vancouver Restaurants. The links to the complete list is here

Here it is … #6 to #10.

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Bon's Off Broadway
Bon’s Off Broadway

The $2.95 Breakfast
The $2.95 Breakfast
The place is a bit dingy but they serve one of the best breakfast deals. Check out the $2.95 breakfast … and that is $2.95 after tax too! This is a neighborhood favourite. You need to overlook the chipped plates and greasy cutleries.


Huge lines at Stepho's
Huge lines at Stepho’s

Roast Lamb Platter - $10!!
Roast Lamb Platter – $10!!
There is ALWAYS a line at Stepho’s. It’s amazing that people will wait for 1-2 hours for a table. Reason is good food, ridiculous portions and insane low prices. Makes people mad enough to wait. You will be satisfied here for sure.


Salt Tasting Room
Salt Tasting Room

Cheese, Meat and Condiments
Cheese, Meat and Condiments
There is not kitchen in this unique restaurant located in the unlikeliest of places. Located in a dark alley it is hard to find but right in the middle is a place where cheese and wine connoisseurs will call this heaven.


Salsa and Agave
Salsa and Agave

Sopa Azteca
Sopa Azteca
Restaurant workers and customers chatters in Mexican in this best Mexican restaurant in Vancouver. It’s hard to find anything you don’t like but it is very small. My favourite was the Horchata drink and the Sopa Azteca. This is the closest to home for many Mexicans.


Les Faux Bourgeois
Les Faux Bourgeois

Escargot - Snails!
Escargot – Snails!
Hard to get a reservation even for a weekday, this decidedly and delightful French restaurant is located on Kingsway and 15th Ave. Say it like the French … lay-foo bow-zu-ar. Don’t pronounced it like less-folks-borgees.

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