Marble Slab Creamery at Ironwood Plaza, Richmond

Nanzaro reminded me that the Marble Slab Creamery coupon is expiring on the last day of 2009. He is a very persistent teenager and when he wants something, he will keep asking until he gets it. So, Nanzaro and I went for a treat in the lazy afternoon.


The Marble Slab Creamery in Richmond is located at a strip mall in Ironwood Plaza across London Drugs. We learnt from the server that it has opened since August 2009.


With a motto of ‘the freshest ice cream on earth’, Marble Slab Creamery travel far and wide to source the finest ingredients; vanilla beans from Madagascar, cocoa from Holland, to the best dipping chocolate from Sweden. The ice cream is made in the store and never processed or preserved. Marble Slab Creamery is established since 1983.


What differentiate Marble Slab Creamery from other ice cream places is that they have mixins. The mixins ranges from fresh fruits, nuts, candies, cookies and brownies.


The coupon is for a buy one get one free of a regular cone with one flavour ice cream with a mixin. Nanzaro opted for coffee flavour with Nestle crunch. Instead of the regular cone, he upgraded it to a dipped rolled cone which costs $1.45 extra. Marble Slab Creamery also hand-roll their freshly baked waffle scones in each store.

I chosed a Swiss chocolate with freshly cut strawberries in a waffle bowl which costs 75cents extra. Btw, every extra mixin costs 75cents. The ice cream is smooth and creamy.


I thought it will be easier to eat the ice cream with a spoon. But then I realized that it’s not easy to finish off the waffle bowl. I had to break the waffle bowl up with my fingers which ended up sticky.


The bill came up to $7+ with all the upgrades. Nanzaro and I enjoyed the mother and son time out for a treat. I cherish such times as I know before long, my grown up sons will be going out with his own friends instead of with his mom.

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  1. Rosie

    I’ve been to that Marble Slab a couple of times. The owner is really nice! I love their ice-cream. I was disappointed by their cones though — didn’t think they were made there. The peanuts on my cone did not taste very fresh. I highly recommend their birthday cakes too!

  2. trisha

    this place looks great but i’m lactose intolerant and they never seem to have sorbet. oh well. 🙁 and btw… i’m 27 and i still call up my mom and meet up with her for lunch. if he’s a teenager and doing it now, you can bet he things you’re a pretty cool mom and will continue to hang out with you when he’s older too.

      1. trisha

        wow, that’s a lovely commercial. thanks for sharing it with me. 🙂

  3. Eat. Travel. Eat!

    I haven’t been to these mix in ice cream places in years now. In my area my local one is Cold Stone. Reminds me that I should go visit my local store someday :). We also have the buy one get one free coupons.

  4. May

    That ice cream looks really good! I love that you can personalize it and get your own flavour.

    On another note, I’ve heard that Marble Slab doesn’t treat their workers very well…what they do is hire student workers so they can pay the student wage ($6.75 for the first 500 hours) and then they fire all their workers before the 500 hours end and hire a new batch of students so they can keep paying student wage and not have to increase it to minimum wage.

    1. Landy

      I don’t think this is true at all! The cost of hiring and training employees is so high that any owner of any retail store such as this one would DIE to have their “trained” staff stay as long as possible.
      The BC government allows employers to start employees who have very limited work experience at $6.00/hour – and after 500 hours, they must raise them to minimum wage. My daughter worked for two different locations and started off at $6.00 (at age 15) and within 3 months (around 100 hours) was raised to minimum wage and has been treated very well with subsequent raises. It’s the same old same old – you have to prove you are worth more to get it. I can’t believe how many staff she has had to work with that are so inexperienced and require so much supervision that they don’t deserve to make more – it’s the ones who carry the weight that should gte the reward.
      I support stores who work this way – it teaches young staff a work ethic and to be responsible. You think you’re worth more, bring it to the table and prove it. Talk is cheap. That’s the bottom line.

  5. ice cream lover

    they killed it. i had a server named imran l. and he was the greatest. the service completely made my day and the ice cream was to die for, oh yeah and good job marble slab and good job Imran.

  6. Casey

    If you’re looking for great waffles cones Timothy’s down by Steveson at Fishermen’ Wharf is the best. Fresh cones every time you order your ice cream, fresh fruit yogurt, or gelato. It’s hot in your hands, and stays crunchy and fresh even up until your last bite!

    1. Ben

      Hi Casey: This sounds like one place that Suanne will hit with Polly and not me. 🙂 Waffle cones by the wharf sounds great especially on a sunny warmer spring.

  7. Grace

    I used Groupon to order a cake here and I have never used this location before. There’s a 72 hour notice to order the cake so I called in 3 days (Wednesday) prior at around 850pm. Initially, this male staff wouldn’t take my order because I wanted to get the cake at 130pm on Saturday. He argued this isnt enough notice. So I asked to get the cake at the night instead to which he said their last hour to claim the cake is 9pm. At that point, it was already 905pm snd I haven’t ordered my cake yet because the time just passed by him kept on refusing my order! My husband took over the conversation and thats the only time he decided that he would tske my order! I asked for his manager to which he said he was not around. I asked for his name and he said he was Shaun. On the day I got my cake, I looked for this Shaun and apparently there’s no staff with that name working there. The 2 female staff claimed the only male who works there is their Manager/Owner called by the name IMRAN. Shame on this guy for being rude, arrogant and a liar while running a business. Ive been to different Marble Slab locations before and was never ever treated like this. I am certainly sure he wouldn’t want to take orders from a groupon voucher because it was discounted. If i was a customer paying for a full price, he would have taken my order instantly. Well, why participate your location then? WILL NEVER GO TO THIS LOCATION AGAIN NOR WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO ANYBODY.

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