Wicked Cafe on W 7th Ave and Hemlock St., Vancouver

Polly and I wanted to check out the street car installed for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic which travels between the Olympic Village Canada Line Station and Granville Island from Jan 21 to March 21.  So, we had our Friday cake meet at Wicked Cafe at 1399 W 7th Ave and Hemlock St., which is on the way to Granville Island.


It was a bright sunny day with some chill in the air. When we arrived at Wicked Cafe around 11:00 am., it was absolutely full house. We had to sit at the patio even though it’s a bit chilly. Fortunately, the sun was out and seated at the patio felt like a spring day.


Polly had a Latte for $2.90. It is very common for coffee shop to serve latte with some latte art. If you like latte art, check out this post and click on more for some amazing latte art.


I decided to have a Chai Latte for $3.55 since… I already had my coffee fix early in the morning.


We ordered a Roast Lamb Panini to share. A whole panini costs $7 but there serve half portion too. The caramelized onions make a great complement to the roast lamb. We love the bread which was very crispy.


For something sweet, we ordered the Chocolate Cashew Bar for $3.50. We thought this will have a crunch but it was very soft instead. This is too sweet for our palate.

The total bill came to $18.25.

We proceed to Granville Island afterward. Unfortunately, we could not find the street car station. Nevertheless, we had a good time walking around Granville Island and soak up the sun. Polly did find something she has always wanted, a fairy on a snail at the only shop that Polly knows that sell ceramic fairies. Polly and her kids love fairy and they would buy one every now and then to top up their collections.

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  1. limetree


    you actually have to walk a bit out of granville island to get to the station–it’s past the cooking school and past the pond/bridge just before the kids market

    good luck!

  2. a d lafond

    Love to go to the reheasal. and see all the hard work done.
    Do know if you got my previous entry. Don’t see my posting.
    Thank you again and good luck to your kids.

    1. Ben

      Hi “a d lafond”: Your entry was in the draw. It is under the name “D&A Lafond”. Unfortunately, the Randomizer put yours way down the list at #252.

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