McDonalds Mac Snack Wrap — Have One On Us!

Freebie time again!


McDonalds USA sent us another stack of “Be Our Guest” cards for give away to chowtimes’ readers.


This time it is for McDonalds latest addition to the new Snack Wrap Line — the Mac Snack Wrap.

Look at the picture above. What a beauty isn’t it? That is the official media picture of the product. They always look better than the real thing they sell in the restaurant.


I picked up the Mac Snack Wrap on the way home from work today. I just got to taste for myself how it is. Each one costs about $1.90 … or is it $1.60?

You know, I just can’t remember how much I paid for this. Suanne always says that I don’t check each time I use the credit card.

I must admit, I don’t. It’s a guy thing. Most guys never check these sort of things, don’t you think so?


Peeling open the warm flour tortilla, there is half of a normal beef patty. I think it is made with a normal quarter pound patty cut into half.

In it too are the same Big Mac sauce, shredded lettuce, some traces of cheese, a little bit of pickles, and chopped onions. It does not quite look like the official media picture.

I don’t know if you know this. The difference in the Big Mac from the other burgers is … the Big Mac Sauce. It is a closely guarded secret and is as secretive as the recipe for Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The sauce is believed to be a variant of the Thousand Island dressing.


The bottom side is wrapped up nicely. The warm flour tortilla was pretty good too. Nothing of the flour-y taste, if you know what I mean.


The Mac Snack Wrap is essentially a Big Mac served in a flour tortilla instead of buns. If you like the Big Mac, you will like this — it is similar but a lighter meal than the Big Mac.

Ever since the iconic Big Mac was introduced 40 years ago, the Mac Snack Wrap is McDonald’s first ever evolution of the Big Mac taste.


We have a total of 15 “Be Our Guest” cards to give away. Please note that these cards can only be used in the USA. Even though the Mac Snack Wrap is also available in Canada, these cards are no good here. So these cards are really more for those of you who makes regular border crossing into Washington State.

We will only give away to readers residing in BC simply because of postage costs. We will make a little exception for etranger who had been contributing so much to chowtimes with her comments and recipes.

So, if you want to have one, just email your name and address. We will not be forwarding your personal information to McDonalds — so no worries about that!

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  1. Li Lian


    this is unrelated to this post but……

    have you managed to find a place that makes really good Nasi lemak?

    in Malaysia it was wrapped in wax paper then wrapped in newspaper and there was squid in it and it was really really red and spicy. I have not been able to find it anywhere.

    I tried it at kelong and prata man and they just do not compare.

    I am hoping you could recommend somewhere that makes a good Nasi lemak . thanks

    1. Ben

      Hi Li Lian:
      We just had Nasi Lemak just two days ago. It was the best in the Metro Vancouver using the all important ikan bilis that is imported directly from Malaysia. The Chef lives in Richmond and her name is Suanne. 🙂
      I can’t say I have tasted great nasi lemak here. Maybe the closest I will try is at Seri Malaysia (see or Kedah House ( and Prataman is NOT remotely Malaysian.

      1. Li Lian

        thanks ben I will check those places out

        I went to prataman because everyone was saying how great their chicken was. My coworkers ordered the chicken and I saw nasi lemak and I was very excited… alas it was too good to be true.

        to tell you the truth I actually though chef Suzanne was not chowtimes Suzanne but coincidentally a chef who owned a restaurant and was named Suzanne. I was excited for a moment and since tomorrow is my day off I decided that I would go eat at chef Suzannes……..then I noticed the smiley face.

        if you don’t mind me asking can you please ask chef Suzanne where does she buy these authentic ingredients? Well I am actually looking specifically for the sauce packets and chilli powder.

        you see before the airport liquid ban I used to go to malaysia every few years and buy a lot of ikan bilis and ziploc baggie it and bring it back to canada =)
        i also bought bulk nasi goreng sauces and species and chilli powders. With the new airport restrictions it is harder to hand carry these sauces. I prefer not to check them in. I am having great difficulty finding authentic malaysian species/ sauces. such as the maggi brand. The problem is that the ones that I have found are maggi brand but from india. Most of the nasi lemak/ nasi goreng etc sauches are from India/ china. It is hard to find a product of Malaysia.

        I finally found a store that sells canned coconut that is good quality. <—greatest sauce ever

        perencah………..i have one pack left and I am saving it.

        1. Ben

          Hi Li Lian:
          I’ll let Suanne answer that question on Malaysian ingredients. There should be a lot of places in Richmond that sells ingredients from Malaysia. I know that Smart-N-Save in Lansdowne Mall carries a lot of these things you mentioned. Suanne goes there a lot … but I’ll let her fill in the details.

          1. Suanne

            Hi Li Lian,

            I used sambal ikan bilis or sambal nasi lemak of Singlong brand from T&T. I usually add extra chili powder to make it more spicy for Ben. I havent found the Malaysian style anchovies here. The closest dried anchovies are from T&T or Korean Supermarket. I heard that Chong Lee Supermarket also carries Malaysian products but I havent been to one before.

  2. Jonnek

    Maybe Chef Suanne can do a Malaysian/Chinese underground dinner. I will definitely go to that. 🙂

    1. Ben

      I can certainly support that. What say you, Chef Suanne? Ben

      1. Li Lian

        I second this

        1. Ben

          OK, so I mentioned this whole underground kitchen idea to Chef Suanne. Well, she is not talking to me anymore. LOL!

  3. Ronald

    Why review this garbage? Because MacDonalds was “kind enough” to send you free gift certificates in exchange for what is essentially an advertisement? Pathetic.

    1. Ben

      I’ll let this comment through just to make a point. I want to keep the discussions on chowtimes respectful and I hope you help me in this. I don’t mind disagreement but wishes that we chooses our words more carefully. Whether you like it or not, McDonalds is the largest restaurant in the world and more people likes it than you wishes. I am not extolling the good or bad about McDonalds. I don’t like my boys eating this everyday but it is OK that they do once in a while. I know where you are coming from … just be respectful in bringing your politics into this site.

  4. Marike

    Yeah, I found the wrap to be underwhelming. The only good thing is people can get a smaller portion and less carbs than if they bought a big mac.

    And I second Jonnek! I’m curious to learn more about Malaysian/Chinese food.

  5. Karen

    Great verbal beatdown Ben! I do not mind eating at McDonalds now and then with my children. They enjoy the treat, and I enjoy the friendly, free and clean playgrounds! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but to dismiss ANY food as garbage is especially cruel when so many people go without.
    Also wanted to note that I’ve been lurking for a couple of years. Love the site and check it daily…I was quite distressed last year when the site went down for those few days- and visibly relieved when it came back up!

  6. HM

    I heard Seri Malaysia will be closing soon. Suanne’s underground M’sian dining sounds very appealing….let us know when!

    1. Ben

      Seri Malaysia had been talking about closing down for the longest time. But it had not happened … at least not yet.

      1. fmed

        Chef Jamal talks a lot about closing down LOL…He wants to move the restaurant to a high traffic location or move back to Malaysia and run a Mcdonald’s…(I think he might have been joking about the second thing.)

        I sure hope he doesn’t close up. I really like the food there.

        I like the nasi lemak at Seri Malaysia, FWIW.

  7. Tam

    This isn’t new is it? I remember having it many months ago, maybe even a year ago.

    I associate McDonald’s with mcnugget happy meals, and every now and then like to get them again.

  8. DylanK

    Haters gon’ hate. I actually dig the Chicken Parmesan one.

    On the nasi lemak issue, I’ve never eaten the real deal thing in Malaysia and I can only echo the suggestions above, but I did have some good nasi lemak in the grimy University Village food court. I think the place closed down, though, or only opens weird hours.

  9. holly

    I finally made it to Seri Malaysia and the food was delicious. It’s too bad Jamal is still talking about closing. I hope to make it back with my sister before that happens.

    His roti canai was the best ever, and the teh terik was such a great finish to a tasty lunch.

    Service was slow, but you could tell he put a lot of love into each dish. Also, I still got in and out in about an hour.

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