Results of Draw — Vancouver 2010 Olympics Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal

The response was simply overwhelming.  When Arkensen and Nanzaro donated three of their precious Dress Rehearsal tickets to chowtime’s readers we did not think much about it. After all, we had too many tickets and the event is held on work and school hours.

It was in the news yesterday that thousands of volunteers were lining around the block in downtown Vancouver to get hold of just one ticket (with the option to buy another one at $50). Between Nanzaro and Arkensen, they were given ten without having to line up for it.

You know …

I want to say a heartfelt thank you for all the unexpected kind words you had for Arkensen and Nanzaro. We even received a long moving email from a reader just thanking the boys for putting the tickets out there. Those words meant a lot to Suanne and I because this allows us to demonstrate to our boys what it means to share and how people out there who truly appreciates such unselfish act. I want to let you know they are pleased and are proud of what they had done even though they did not say it. I can see it in their eyes. 🙂

Thanks a lot!


It goes without saying that particular post generated the most number of comments ever. We had recorded a total of 308 comments. As expected, there are some frivolous submissions (i.e. 24 comments coming from one IP within a space of 30 minutes) … sorry to say we removed the entire swath of these emails from the draw.

We ended up with 272 email addresses which we ran through the Randomizer.

Here are the results:


I will be contacting them on Thursday (or if they could send me an email to to make arrangements to meet up for the tickets. If I am unable to contact Mai and/or Winnie by end of day Friday, the tickets will go to the next on the list. I am doing this just in case the email address is one of those frivolous ones.

Thanks a lot for participating. This is going to be a great Olympic. I can feel the excitement building!

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  1. Marike

    I was in that line up downtown! Rushed there after work and barely made it as they cut off the line a few people after me!

    It was a zoo but fairly organized. Each of us was given a bottle of Jackson Triggs Esprit Merlot! I’m not a big drinker, but it’s a nice souvenir. 🙂

    And your boys should be proud because many people are using their tickets to make money! And people want to go so badly they are willing to pay many times the face value. So yes, bravo Nanzaro and Arkensen!

  2. Ron C

    I agree – it was great of them to donate the tickets.

    BTW – you may want to edit the actual e-mail addresses in that pic above so they don’t show.

  3. Nancy

    Congratulations to the winners! I was amazed too by the boys and their generousity. It made me all warm and fuzzy. Great job on raising them and giving them values.

  4. trisha

    it was indeed lovely of them to donate the tickets. you two did a great job raising them. 🙂 i’m sure fun will be had by all!

  5. Matt

    That is amazing generousity of them. Congrats to the winners. I look forward to all of the ‘spoilers’!

  6. Yen

    Congrats to the winners, although I won’t lie, I wish I won those tickets : )

    Ben and Suanne, I just wanted to let you two know that you two have inspired me to start writing about my own foodie adventures. I mean this as a sincere compliment, so thank you~

    1. Ben

      Nice blog Yen. It is always good to see another food blog. Can I suggest something that will help you in the long run? Get off Blogspot and go with WordPress. It is easy to do now since you had just started. I have subscribed to your feed and look forward to more posts. Let me know if you need help or have questions on blogging.
      Ben and Suanne

      1. Yen

        Thank you for the suggestion! But I’m wondering, why does WordPress trump Blogspot?

        And thank you for the first comment on my blog, haha~ Perhaps I’ll register a domain when I really get the ball rolling.

        1. Ben

          Hi Yen: Lots … I don’t even know where to begin. Firstly, there are a tons more plugins and templates you could use with WordPress. There are new ones added everyday. You also have better control of your entire site especially when your site gets bigger and better. The possibilities are endless. Blogspot is simple to use but it is where it will end. Always let me know if there is anything I can help with. We will be glad to help. We are looking forward to your future posts.
          Hi All: Please check out a new Vancouver area food blog … by Yen of … go say Hi to her.

  7. Karen Dar Woon

    I am jealous! My girls refused to even apply to be in the Olympic Ceremonies 🙁
    Have a great time.

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