Mandalay Lounge & Steakhouse in Steveston Village, Richmond

Updated: 17th Nov 2014; This restaurant is closed according to

With the Olympic road closures, Polly and I decided to meet around Richmond until the Olympic is over. There is not many dessert places in Richmond that I have not blogged about. So, we resolved to eat proper lunch instead of just having dessert. The only problem is I will still be full when I meet Ben for our Friday night out.


I recalled seeing some newspaper ads that Mandalay Lounge and Steakhouse has lunch specials for $12. Polly and I has an eye in this place for a while already.


It is simple because Mandalay Lounge and Steakhouse has great ocean views.


Sitting at the patio during the warmer days, watching sunsets will be fantastic.


The decor is warm and pleasant. The interior is decorated with Asian sculptures like elephant, head sculptures with Burmese/Thai style head gears.


When I asked the server what style of cuisine Mandalay serves, we were told that Mandalay is an European Asian Fusion restaurant. The chef is from Europe. Service is prompt and courteous like most western restaurant.


This is one of the lunch special recommended by the server. It is …. Thai Red Mandalay Seafood Curry Rice Bowl. It is scallops, prawns, trilogy of peppers, pineapple and onions serves in a spicy Thai coconut curry sauce in Jasmine rice.


The prawns and scallops are big and juicy. The curry is very rich of coconut milk but it’s not spicy at all for our palate. If you like it spicy, let the server know when you place the order.


We also ordered their Certified Angus Prime Rib Burger to share. This burger costs $14.


This is an 8 oz prime rib burger serves with lemon ginger aioli and …


… some very crispy and sweet yam fries. We would not have finish the fries if they are regular potato fries. Polly and I love the yam fries.


Despite being so full already, we just cant resist to order dessert. We saw this Creme Brulee 2 oz taster on the menu for only $1.25. This classic French dessert came is a reputable size and it’s a sweet ending to our meal.


The bill came to $30 and I think it is quite ok for a setting like this.


Click on the images above to have a better view of the menus.

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  1. Eat. Travel. Eat!

    Sure looks like it is worth the price! The setting is very nice and I think the Thai seafood curry would please me.

    I’ll be watching the Olympics opening ceremony tonight on my TV! If not I still am recording it to watch 🙂

  2. trisha

    i like how they used nice big scallops. i don’t really like the smaller ones. did you eat the gooseberry that came with your creme brulee? most people i eat with don’t know what they are so i get the extras 🙂

  3. DoogeeDoug

    We’ve eaten here several times! They had a rough start when they first opened but they’ve got great variety for everyone now and we go there on weekends when we don’t feel like going dowtown. Awesome sports bar and food is pretty good. I like it better than Earl’s or Cactus in Richmond

  4. g w vandenbos

    we liked the atmosphere but food was like denneys i would not go back steak was tough.and grissley
    patato,s where cold. waiter not friendly.waiter did not care about our complaint ,we left most of our food on our plate.did not make a difference to him .i can not recomend this place.we where going to have our office christmas party here but we will never go back there even if they give us a free dinner.

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