Taro Balls

In the South Arm Community Kitchen, Peggy demonstrated how to make Taro Balls in the same session as Julie. The theme for this kitchen was dessert. We had two Asian desserts and two cakes coming along.


The Taro Balls can be served with Red Bean Soup or eaten with some sprinkle of sugars. Peggy said these are great in summer eaten with chilled red bean soup.


  • 1 taro about 1.5 pound)
  • 1.5 cups sweet potato starch
  • 2 tablespoons sugar or to taste


Source: Peggy

Prep time: 50 minutes; Cook time: 5 minutes; Serve 6 to 8


Taro-Balls-2-300x200Peel and slice the taro into sticks. Place the taro in a shallow bowl and steam for 20 minutes or until the taro is soft.
Taro-Balls-3-300x200Mash the taro with a potato masher.
Taro-Balls-4-300x200Add sweet potato starch and sugar to the taro and mix with a wooden spoon.
Taro-Balls-10-200x300Knead the mixture until it forms a dough. If the dough is too dry and crumbly, add a little warm water.
Taro-Balls-5-300x200Take a chunk of the dough and roll into a long strip and then cut into 1 cm round. You may roll the round into ball if you like or just leave it as it is. Place the balls on a baking sheet dusted with corn starch to prevent the balls from sticking together.
Taro-Balls-7-300x200Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add the taro balls. Stir constantly.

When the balls float to the surface, about 1 to 2 minutes, remove with a slotted spoon.

Taro-Balls-9-300x200Serve with some sugar or serve hot or cold in syrup or sweet soup.

Peggy, thank you for sharing this Taro Balls recipe.

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  1. Melody Fury

    I love any and everything taro. Fav root veg hands down. Drool!

  2. Jenni

    What is the different if you use tapioca flour instead of sweet potato starch? If you sweet potato starch, would it still be a little chewy?

  3. Tim

    This is an absolute CLASSIC Taiwanese item! Great to see it getting some love here.

  4. Caca

    thanks for the recipe. I am out looking for sweet potato flour.

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