ABC Country Restaurant on No 3 Road and Capstan Way, Richmond

Running out of idea for cake meet, Polly and I went to ABC Country Restaurant in Richmond. We know that diner style restaurant like Denny’s and ABC Country will have a dessert menu.


The ABC Country Restaurant in Richmond is located on No 3 Road and Capstan Way, in between Canadian Tire and Yaohan Mall. There are plenty of parking here.

ABC Country was established in 1972 in Cranbrook and now has over 30 franchises in British Columbia and Alberta.


The interior is dim, coupled with dark coloured furniture and decors. Surprisingly, they are webkinz toys distributor too. The cabinet at the far end in the above photo are filled with webkinz toys. Kids will love this place.


We had regular coffees for $2.50. The good thing eating in a diner like this is that the refill is free.


We decided to get something savory first before we indulge in dessert. We ordered the Potato Skins for $8.99.  They are served with salsa and sour cream.


The Potato Skins is stuffed with cheddar and mozarella and topped with smoked sausage and green onions. This is quite filing for both of us.


Our first dessert item is Banana Caramel Chimi which is $6.99. It is creamy cheesecake layered with chunks of  banana and butter caramel inside a flaky pastry tortilla. This is served with premium ice-cream and some hot fudge topped with crushed peanuts. We believed the tortilla is deep fried as it is quite crispy. The banana enhanced the richness of the cheese. We enjoyed this one. Our next dessert is their signature …


Hot Fudge Mt. Baker. This is $6.49. This item often came up as the free dessert for their dinner promotion and we just want to try it. It is simply their house favourite premium ice-cream served inside a mountain of chocolate cake topped with hot fudge, roasted peanuts and whipped cream. Well, the mountain of chocolate cake is not really that huge as we really prefer to have more of the cake.


Instead it is surrounded with mountains of whipped cream which we left behind. This is way too rich.


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    Too rich? lol, how can whipped cream be too rich? Says the woman who is cheesecake crazy. 😛

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