Dim Sum at Red Star Seafood Restaurant in President Plaza, Richmond

I met up with a reader, Michelle for dim sum. If you remember this post, “Where can I find Shaobing in Vancouver?“, this is the same Michelle I’m talking about here. Michelle is here with her mother and sister for the Vancouver Winter Olympic. Her sister works with NBC. After the games, Michelle contacted me for a meet up for dim sum.


I picked Red Star Seafood Restaurant as I’ve never been to it before. Red Star Seafood Restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of President Plaza on Cambie Road and coincidentally it’s where I found the Shaobing place too. The location is used to be Richmond Mandarin Restaurant where Ben had organized a 9-course Chinese dinner for 30 people in 2007. Red Star had opened in this Richmond location for 3 years already according to the general manager, Wallace. The Red Star in Richmond is owned by the same people behind Red Star on Granville St.


When Michelle and I were there for lunch at 1 pm, the main floor was full. We were given a table at the lower level which was very quiet. Only 3 tables were occupied. Michelle did not like the quietness of it as she prefers the buzz of people at a dim sum restaurant. She also like to see what other customers have and order based on the popularity of the dish. Unfortunately, we have to settle with the more quiet setting. I dont mind though.


Their menu is rather simple. The order sheet is just a 2 pager and it’s in Chinese only. So, I left the ordering to Michelle who reads Chinese. Red Star is a mid to high end dim sum place. The prices ranges from $3.50 for small, $4.25 for medium, $4.95 for large and $6.00 for special. More chef specialty items are $8.00 and above.


Michelle tried to order items that are not too common. The first item is the Rice Rolls with Scallops and Asparagus. This is $4.95. We were quite disappointed with this because it is not served piping hot.


The above Black Sesame Roll is not in the menu. It is those specialty items that the server brings around and ask if we want it. According to the server, this is very good for your skin. It is not too sweet and has a slightly sticky/chewy texture. Guess what, they forgot … (more…)

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