Yakko Sushi on Kingsway Near Metrotown, Burnaby

We had a great time in Portland. It was just a short 5-day spring break and was virtually unplanned. We just booked the hotel room without deciding on the actual itinerary and all. We wanted to check out the Portland food carts and came away having a different view having seen them. Most of them are just so-so ho-hum sort of operations — and dirty too, if I dare say. Instead, I found the variety of ethnic food a discovery.

When we got home on Wednesday, the PC would not boot! Believe it or not, we have 2 PCs and 2 notebooks at home. It had to happen to the main PC which we do our work … the beefiest of the lot with TBs of harddisk. That PC had been problematic for the past year with blown sink cooler, power supply and replaced the hard disk twice. This time we are not going to go through the hassle of fixing it. That two year old PC is telling us it wants to retire.

So, I went to get a new notebook yesterday … a beefier notebook with 8GB memory and 64-bit operating system. Oh boy, Photoshop ran very fast on the notebook. I am a happy camper now. I will spend the next few days transferring the hundreds of gigs of pix and get things back in order again before I get back to regular blogging.


Oh I digressed.

I had blogged about Yakko Sushi before. That was two years ago and I still remember that visit. We went there right after completing the Vancouver Sun Run.

This time I was there with LotusRapper. He is the most prolific commenter on chowtimes and had been following the site for four years. Suanne and I consider him to be a loyal supporter.

LotusRapper was raving about Yakko Sushi for a while. Yakko Sushi is located on Kingsway and across the street from Metrotown.


Yakko Sushi is small and cramp. The tables are mostly partitioned with tall wooden walls. Those partitions is the most telling thing that this is a Korean owned restaurant. I see these sort of partitions a lot in Korean restaurants. I guess Koreans like to eat in privacy.


Service is fast and polite. Come to think of it, Korean (and Japanese) waitresses are soft-spoken whereas Chinese waitresses are not usually like that.


They served us Miso Soup … for free! I like that.

Can you see what is “wrong” with the picture above? The Miso Soup came with a spoon in it. The Japanese would drink the soup right out of the bowl without using the soup spoon. As a custom, the Chinese would usually not encourage drinking directly from the bowl. I guess Koreans are like the Chinese too.

I remember when I was young, my mum used to chastise me for drinking soup directly from the bowl even when we are at home. So, I grew up feeling that it is uncivilized doing that … that is until when I started going to authentic Japanese restaurants and felt pretty cool slurping the soup directly from the bowl.


The menu though is Japanese. I find that the menu is pretty standard — even unimaginative. Not that it is wrong or something like that. I am saying this because I came expecting some really different, out of the ordinary food. LotusRapper set my expectations too high. LOL!

The menu is just what you will find in most Japanese restaurant but their prices are pretty … (more…)

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