Trans-Herbe’s Four O’Clock Tea

ChowtimesNoWord32x32Full Disclosure:
This post is written based on the free samples provided by Trans-Herbe.

Commercial break of sorts, guy. And no, we are not paid for this post.

I was trying to understand the finer points of tea a few months ago. I was really focusing on Chinese tea and went out to buy some fancy thingy to brew Chinese tea. When Trans-Herbe wrote us an email asking if we wanted to try some samples, I said yes. I was rather intrigued with their unique tea.


The tea came in a few very nice sounding names … particularly the Earl Grey Chocolate Berry and Apricot Passion Fruit Rooibos. You see, Trans-Herbes specializes in formulating and conditioning herbal and flavoured tea. They are based in Quebec and so they are local.

From their website (here), they do carry a LOT of products that they make. I wish they had sent us the full range of 50 different types of tea. Some of them have very intriguing names … to name just a few:

  • Tropical Mango Green Tea
  • Cucumber and Lemongrass Green Tea
  • Apple Caramel Spice Black Tea
  • Energie Acai Super Berry
  • Chamomille Citrus
  • Lime Ginger Mint Herbal Tea
  • Licorice Spice Herbal Tea
  • Ginko Ginger Herbal Tea
  • Lychee Ginger White tea


Each box carries … (more…)

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