Lunch Special at Kyung Bok Palace at Lansdowne Mall, Richmond

It was a wet spring day. Polly and I were craving for some hot soup instead of sweet treat. We had two options, i.e. to check out the chicken soup at Jang Mo Jib or Kyung Bok Palace in Lansdowne Mall.


Since Lansdowne Mall is nearer coming from south Richmond, we went to check out Kyung Bok Palace first. We did see a ginseng chicken soup on their menu.


We were seated away from the window and the place looked pretty dim.  Service was slow even though there were not many customers as we were there just about 12 noon. On top of that, some of the servers do not speak English.


We were distracted from the regular menu by the above specials. It’s pick 5 items out of the 24 for $19.95. We did see a ginseng chicken soup in the regular menu which costs about the same as the special above. Since there are also some soup items on the special, we decide to go for the special even it stated that it’s good for 2 to 3 people.


As most Korean restaurants, the utensils are made of metal and a distinctive long handle spoon. Oh, they actually forgot to serve us the tea until we ask for it.


As usual, we were served a few banchan as side dishes which include potatoes, kimchee and bean sprout.


Ox tail soup is the first item we ordered. This soup is very tasty. There were no oxtail in the soup but some beef flanks instead.


The second item we ordered was a Spicy Seafood Noodle in Soup. It was quite a large serving. We expected the serving to be smaller than regular for the specials but they actually comes in regular size. This is not very spicy despite it’s colour. The seafood include prawns and squid in scarce quantity.


The star has to be the above Mackerel Grilled with Seasalt and Garlic Sauce. This item is under special for the specials. An extra $2 charge for this. The size of the Mackerel is bigger than we expected. This is very good and I recommend you get this if you go for the specials.  Guess what, we were already full at this point.


The next item was Bibimbap, which came in a big serving too. There is no way we can finish all this food.


Not to mention a Tender Beef Bulgogi too which goes well with steamed rice.


The last two dishes ended up in take out boxes, one for Polly and one for me.


The total bill came to only $23.

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  1. EU

    It’s been a while since I last visited Kyung Bok Palace. The special menu really seems like a great deal! And the makerel is making me hungry now! I’ll visit Kyung Bok Palace sooner or later! 🙂

  2. jacko

    i’ve been to this place at least 4x and the food is not bad.
    as you said, service ain’t that great and some of the servers don’t speak english well.

    for people who want to try this place out, when you go for all-you-can-eat… i would advice you double your order coz of the slow service. another option is to order before you food is out or you’ll be waiting for a loooong time!

    other than the so-so service, the food is not bad and the place is clean.

  3. keev

    is not bad also the same as saying not good? 🙂
    the food is below average for korean food in vancouver, coquitlam standard.

    the service is unpredictable. sometimes good and friendly, if you are lucky enough to flag a server down.

    the bbq cooker is purposely set too low. so food takes forever to cook. if you turn it up they come and turn it back down. 😀

    tried both the ayce and the special. the pick 5 is enough for me when i am hungry. but can feed two easily.

    i have heard many poor reviews prior. and have many friends that refuse to come, but i still go there and may go in the future. i think the other Korean beside hkyk hotpot has a 15.95 late night ayce that i will try soon.

    imho, not much good choices for Korean in Richmond is prob why this place is still surviving. 5 choices for $20 is good value for me. i like their haemul jeoan(seafood pancake), kam jah thang(spicy pork and potato stew). both ok for me. will try the makeral next time. thanks ben

  4. Ada

    I was trying to remember the name of this place, thanks so much <3

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