All About Beans

Minoo shared with the members of the Gilmore Park Church Community Kitchen about the power packed proteins from beans. She brought an assortment of beans and lentils to the kitchen for visual demonstration.


Top row, left to right: Dal, Lentil, Lima Bean

Middle row from top, left to right: Black Bean, Chickpea, Pinto Bean

Bottom row, left to right: Black Eye Bean, Mung Bean, Red Bean

Nutrients in Beans

All varieties of beans are rich sources of protein, fibre, and the essential amino acid and lysine. Lysine is missing from most grains, which is why the combination of ‘rice and beans’makes a complete protein. Many beans also contain folacin as well as some minerals.

How Beans Protect Our Health

The high fibre content in beans help to protect us against diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and maybe even some cancers like colon cancer. It is the insoluble fibre content of beans that help to keep blood sugars stable. Insoluble fibre also helps to keep us regular and reduce the risk of constipation. It is the soluble fibre that helps to lower LDL-cholesterol and protect our heart.

As a plant protein, beans provide us with the amino acids that we need to build and repair muscles and assure proper muscle development. Beans nourish our muscles with the other nutrients like folacin and minerals.

Beans have the potential for causing intestinal gas and discomfort because they contain fibre and sugar that our bodies cannot break down. Instead of being digested or absorbed in the small intestine, they pass directly into the large intestine where they are broken down by bacteria naturally present in the intestinal flora. Here they ferment, produce carbon dioxide, and other gases that make you feel gassy and crampy. This is very individual and some people can eat beans without any discomfort. Others have minimal distress and some even great physical and social distress. If this is the case, eat beans in small amounts and there is also a product on the market that you can try called Beano. Beano helps to reduce gas formation and intestinal discomfort.

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