The Grayelf Guide to Push Cart Dim Sum Restaurants in Vancouver

Some comments made on chowtimes deserves elevation to a full post … like the one made by Grayelf here.

So I had taken the liberty to take her awesome list and make it into a … tada … The Grayelf Guide to Push Cart Dim Sum Restaurants in Vancouver. You can click on the blue markers to see the details of the restaurant.


Taken verbatim from Grayelf’s comment, please note the following:

These listings are for Vancouver proper only. They are up to date as of April 2010 but please call ahead to ensure they are still correct before going to avoid cart-free disappointment. Also please note that this is a list of where carts are, not necessarily where good dim sum is :- )

You might find the following ratings/reviews interesting too:

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  1. fmed

    “The Grayelf Guides” – I like it!

    1. Ben

      He he he … I thought that “Grayelf Guide” has a ring to it.

    2. LotusRapper

      I sense a lucrative tourists guided circuit in the works …..

  2. Marike

    Very nice!

  3. etranger

    You are totally right about the tourist circuit, if any of you 8GCTC people want to pursue it…. That’s a big way of making your blog time pay — sell merch, sell books, sell lectures, dinners or tours…

    Go for it! You have a following both near and far. “Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor”!

    1. Ben

      He he he … Definitely not my cup of tea. That will appeal to the enterpruener side of LotusRaper. How do you spell enterprenuer anyway?

  4. LotusRapper

    Hey Sven, it’s spelled “entrepreneur” 😉

  5. grayelf

    Hey Ben, I thought you were kidding about a full post on Chowtimes — I am honoured. But also a little sad to see how few cart places are left, even if I’ve missed some which I’m sure I have; they seem even sparser when pinpointed on a map :-(.

  6. grayelf

    I was catching up on reading some (other) local blogs and thanks to Sherman found another one to add:

    East #1 Seafood 2800 East 1st (604) 255-0008; 9-3 everyday; resos okay

    1. Suanne

      The Grayelf Guide to Push Cart Dim Sum had been updated with East #1 Seafood.

  7. Shmoo

    An update on this awesome list:

    The Roc on Kingsway has closed, and moved to the plaza at 8136 Cambie at Marine Drive (hidden behind the Canada Line). They’re just getting started in the new location (as of May 2011), and are currently more hit-and-miss than previously. Much of their friendly staff appears to have moved with them, and I have faith that they will tighten things up as they get settled in the new spot.

    1. Lissa

      I saw the yellow ROC banner on Saturday. It used to be Fourseas Chinese Restaurant. Silly question but where do you park there?

      1. Shmoo

        There’s some parking in the back. It’s a bit awkard to get into because of the SkyTrain that’s now in front of the building. We turned in one block north of Marine and then down the alley.

    2. Ben

      Good to know that The Roc has reopened, Shmoo. We had them on our to try list for a long time but never got down to visiting them. Now that it is closer to home, it will make it easier not to ignore them. Ben

  8. grayelf

    Thanks for that intel, shmoo. I take it they are still doing the carts?

    1. Shmoo

      Hi grayelf,

      Yes, they still do carts and tray service. And I think they will also generally take requests if there is a favourite item not currently in rotation.

      The day that we visited, we spoke with the owner-manager for a little while, and it sounded like this was their first month back up and running in the new location. I got the impression that the move had posed some challenges.

      On our recent visit, the rice rolls, shrimp dumplings with fish maw, siu mai, taro dumplings, and pork in bean curd skin were all solid. The two items I felt were not to the Roc’s usual standard were the squid with spice salt (nice garlic chips but far too much batter) and the Chiu Chow style dumplings/fun guo (atypical filling mixtue, possibly with bbq pork). Being cart service, I think all of the items will benefit as customers discover the new location and business picks back up, as turn-over and variety will increase.

      The Roc was one of our regular dim sum choices when looking for cart service, so I’m hopeful that they will return to their previous level of consistency once they have the chance to shake out any staffing/logistics issues related to the move. 🙂

  9. grayelf

    A quick update, courtesy of Sherman: Cindy’s Palace in Richmond does push cart dimsum as well.

  10. grayelf

    Whoops I meant to say Hastings-Sunrise for Cindy’s, not Richmond

    1. LotusRapper

      Will that be rectified in The Grayelf Guide to Push Cart Dim Sum Restaurants in Vancouver, 2nd edition ? 😉

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