The Diversely Delicious Cookbook

The Diversely Delicious cookbook is compiled by Suanne and based largely on the recipes of the Richmond Community Kitchen in 2009.

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The two main persons behind the Richmond Community Kitchens are Minoo and Charlene. The cookbook also includes some of Suanne’s own recipes and also recipes from the Canning Workshop ran by Karen Dar Woon.


The Diversely Delicious cookbook contains over 150 recipes from all over the world … including Greek, Indian, Peruvian, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish to name a few. It also includes a comprehensive section on canning techniques.

The recipe in the cookbook are easy to make and is something that everyone can attempt at home.

The cookbook is not cheap I must say. This is simply because of several factors:

  • It is not printed in bulk and thus we cannot capitalize on bulk discounts.
  • There is a markup on the cookbook of which the proceed goes entirely to the Richmond Community Kitchen

The Diversely Delicious cookbook is available in two versions — softcover and hardcover (with dust jacket).

If you are to order just one cookbook delivered to Vancouver, the cost including taxes and shipping is  CAD $54 for the softcover. The hardcover version is CAD $68.

I can help you save on the shipping and bulk discount by ordering for you. In that case, it is $46 for the softcover and $58 for the hardcover. We need at least 10 copies to qualify for this price. I can only do this for those of you living in Metro Vancouver.

So, if you are interested in buying a copy and in the process help support the Richmond Community Kitchen, please send me an email to

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