Weekend Musings (May 8th, 2010)

This week, I will just provide a quick update on the big event that is happening next weekend.

The 8GTCC Jiangsu dinner is scheduled for Saturday, May 15th. The response was rather good and will surpass the number of people in the 8GTCC Hunan dinner. Up to this point, we have 66 names confirmed.


There will be about 19 dishes in all. I am seriously worried that this is going to be too much food but hey, we are trusting the guidance of Dylan who planned the evening for us. Dylan is passionate about having all the dishes he picked. I guess everyone who had signed up for the dinner will need to skip breakfast and lunch that day.

We are going to continue to accept requests until Monday, May 10th. So if you like to attend, please send an email to suanne@chowtimes.com. More info about the dinner is found here.

Other Events

I am over extended already. So am going to kill off the … (more…)

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