Chicago: Can’t Decide What To Do!

It was day 3 in Chicago. The last day before I return home.

I had done all the important sights on the first two days that I don’t have a clear plan of what to do. So if it means criss-crossing the city to cover the places that I had not visited before, so be it.


I went back to the same Corner Bakery Cafe for breakfast simply because they had free wifi. The poster of the Berry Almond Swiss looked so good.

So I ordered that. It did not at all look anything like what is in the poster. The mushy oatmeal stuff at the bottom … I hate mushy stuff like that, especially the ones in the color.

But actually it tasted a lot better than it looked.


The sweet crisp or whatever you call it was a great addition to the oatmeal.


The price is not bad too.


I hopped on to the trolleys for a ride to the first destination of the day.


The trolleys are nice. There are no windows; so you can stick your face out to catch the breeze. For me, being able to rest the elbow on the window sill and smelling the fresh air outside is just great. The sun was out. So it felt like being ferried around in a convertible. This is what a convertible will look like when it grows up to be a bus.

The best thing about the trolleys? It’s free! There are designated stops it will make and runs every 20 minutes.


First stop was the Gold Star Families Memorial and Park. There was not a lot to see there. The guidebook alluded that this is a must see place.


It is a memorial built to honor the officers who were killed on duty. The whole design meant something which I forgot. With a straight line with meandering paths criss crossing it, it is supposed to mean something. I forgot what it is.


At the end of it is the wall with cascading water. I headed back after a few pictures.


I wanted to go to the Field Museum of Natural History. I … did not have the time as this will easily take up a big chunk of the day. I already done two museums the past two days. So I stayed on the bus.


The trolley passed through these sculptures. Hey, I remember seeing exactly the same ones in Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park quite a few years ago. You remember that?


I stayed on the trolley until it got to the other end of the city. I had to get off. All the better because it is near the Sears Tower. I thought maybe I’ll go and visit the building after all.


The line was really long. I so wanted to take a picture of the long lines with the security check and all but decided otherwise. Taking pictures of the security check area is a sensitive thing.


So I just walk around the perimeter of the building, taking more pictures.


So I got on the “L” and headed to the next destination …

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