Dim Sum at Golden Sea City Restaurant on Granville Avenue, Richmond

Polly and I met again for dim sum. Our pick this time was Golden Sea City Restaurant on Granville Avenue. This location was formerly called Golden Dynasty Seafood Restaurant which we had blogged about here. The server told us that this restaurant has been here for 2 years already.


Since we went on a weekday, it was not too busy and getting a parking space was easy. I remembered when we were there the last time during a holiday, parking was difficult to find.


The restaurant has a typical decor for banquet. The double happiness signage and the dragon and the phoenix are auspicious for wedding banquet.


This is a push cart dim sum place as you can see from the photo above. One thing we noticed was most of the customers here speak Mandarin. We often relate dim sum to Cantonese and expect to hear mostly Cantonese speaking customers. But, we guess the immigration  population in Richmond now is slowly dominated by mainland Chinese.


You can order specials from the menu above. We placed an order for the Salty Chicken on Steam Rice but unfortunately, the order did not go through. When we checked with the waitress, we were told that the initial order was not put in and they can put the order in for us but we had to go already and did not bother to wait.


As usual, tea is served in most dim sum restaurant. The tea helps to cleanse your palate and cut the greasiness.


The mini Portuguese tarts were my favourite. They were really … creamy and the crust was flaky.


The Fried Prawn Dumplings were served with mayo. I know some of you just hate mayo served in a Chinese restaurant setting. A sweet chili sauce will goes well with this dish.


They have Steamed Turnip Cake which is a healthier version of the commonly found pan fried version. The turnip cake has Chinese sausage, dried prawns and mushroom.


Since both of us like eggplant, we ordered the Eggplant with Prawn Paste again. The serving here was larger than those we had at Gala Seafood Restaurant but we prefer the one from Gala as they were more crisp on the outside.


The above was something not common for dim sum which was called Tofu Fish. It was sliced fish on a bed of soft tofu steamed with black bean sauce. This was peppery and we quite like it.


The dim sum here were slightly pricier than Gala Seafood Restaurant where their small, medium and large item was priced at $2.50. The problem is we had no idea of the categorization of the dim sum when we ordered them from the cart unless we take note at the marking immediately as the server writes it down. Therefore, we have no idea which of the items we ordered were under specials. Our guess will be the Tofu Fish for it’s uniqueness and the Eggplant which was a very large serving.

Golden Sea City Restaurant on UrbanspoonBusiness Hour

7 days a week

Dim Sum: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Dinner: 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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  1. Christine

    Looks Tasty!! I never been to this place, should check it out one day. Btw, according to the Chinese, it seems to be that The Steamed Turnip Cake is one of the specials.

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