Five Guys Burgers and Fries in South Surrey

It was Wils who told us that Five Guys opened their second outlet. And I knew it was where we wanted to bring the boys to because they love burgers. OK fine … they don’t like that mum and dad always brings them to Asian restaurants.

This time I did not tell them where we were going out for dinner. I just told them it is a long drive and that we are going to Surrey.

“Surrey?!?” they both exclaimed, knowing Surrey is the direction to the Canada-US border.

“Yeah” I said, “not only Surrey … it’s SOUTH Surrey”.


And then I had to get lost on the way. The iPhone battery died and I was relying on that for navigation. So, I went round and round until I found 160th Street. To them it was not funny. 🙂

I had never been to this part of the world before. I mean, I drove past this place on the way to the US border crossing. I am just impressed how built up this whole place is. They have every big box stores you can think of.

When we arrived, they were happy to see that it’s a burger joint. At least it is not another Asian restaurant after driving so far.


Have you ever seen the video above before? It is not surprising that Obama goes to Five Guys for burgers since Arlington (minutes away from Washington DC is the where Five Guys first started.

Anyway, take note of Obama’s order number at about 1:20 into the video.


For a supposedly upscale burger restaurant, the decor is a bit sparse. The whole theme is blood red and white with double checkered motifs.


Like in most Five Guys restaurants, they stack bags and bags of potatoes and boxes of peanut oil in the dining area.


Unlike other burger places, they have free peanuts which is stacked inconspicuously on the boxes of peanut oil. They are meant for you to snack on while you wait for the burger to be made. I think it is a good idea.

The peanuts are salted. Nice but I had better, crunchier ones. Am not complaining though since they are free … sort of.



Click on the image above to enlarge the menu. It is a very simple menu … but kind of expensive.

You get either the plain hamburger, with cheese and/or bacon. The standard size is double patties. The “little” ones are single patties.

It is the toppings that is kind of wild. They have 15 to choose from and they are free with the burger.

The ones that they call “All The Way” includes Mayo, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomatoes, Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms, Ketchup and Mustard.

Then there are the “Everything” which also includes Relish, Onions, Jalapeno Peppers, Green Peppers, A1 Sauce, BBQ Sauce and Hot Sauce.

I don’t know about you, but for me it is too much to think over each and everyone … same goes for Suanne. We just ask for EVERYTHING. Arkensen and Nanzaro is more adept in choosing the toppings. They just choosed 4 types of toppings. I just had to tell them “get everything, they’re free”.


So the above is our order. Four burgers, a large fries and drinks came up to $45. I dunno … I find it expensive for burgers.

Oh remember I asked you to remember Obama’s order number? Well, his number is … #41 … and ours is #410.

So after placing the order, the protocol is that you take some of the free peanuts and wait at your table until they call your number.


Oh. Here is a tip. A regular size drink is $1.99 and a large one is $2.99.

Get the regular size one. It is free refill anyway. You basically pay $1 extra for a larger cup.

I was not thinking straight or I would have ordered just one regular drink and have the whole family share it.

Just kidding. Nanzaro and Arkensen will never want to share anymore. When they were younger they did not even care. Not anymore … they are no longer our babies.


They called our number. I went over to collect and just at that point they put a few scoops of fries right into the bag … OVER THE BURGERS!

What a mess. But I guess they think it’s cool. Not me.


The burgers are wrapped nicely in foil and are numbered. So how do you know which belongs to who?


There you go … the printout tells you what each burger contains. Ours were easy to figure out but I can imagine if there are more burgers or the toppings are very different, it will take a while to sort this out.


The bun is softer than normal. I like the soft crumbly look of it although it is kind of soggy if you leave it in the foil wrapping for too long before you open it up.


The above is mine. There are too many toppings (15) to be able to see where the patty is. I basically were tasting more of the ingredients than the burger!


The ingredients were fresh and crisp but I shouldn’t have asked for everything. What I like best was the jalapeno peppers — very very spicy.


So you can imagine it was very messy because all the sauce were dripping everywhere and the topping were falling onto the table. If not for the foil which held everything together, I would have to ask for a plate and eat it with a fork.

But I like the burger. Everything about it is pretty good … from the bun to the meat and the fresh vegetables. It was a big burger.

It is also an extremely unhealthy burger. You know how many calories there are in the burger I had?

1,360! That’s right … 920 for the burger and 440 for the toppings. So says their nutritional info here.

They do try to put a positive spin on their burgers as expected. They claim to use only fresh ground beef and that they do not have any freezer in the premises. They also say that they uses only peanut oil and are totally trans fat free. If you are allergic to peanuts, you are better off avoid Five Guys.


The fries comes in two sizes. The regular sized fries is $3.49 and is meant for 1 to 2 people. The large one ($4.59) is meant for 3 to 4 people.

They made sure you know that they are “cooked in pure, no cholesterol tasty peanut oil”.

Oh, OK.


The fries were crispy when it first came out but became soggy sitting in the bag while we ate the burgers. We should have taken them out of the bag instead of sitting in there.

We had the cajun seasoning.


We were all very full as it is a lot of food. The burgers were quite good except that I thought it was expensive despite the FREE peanuts, FREE toppings and FREE refills.

I heard that they are opening the third restaurant in Langley very soon.

Opens 7 days a week from 11 am to 10 pm — 604 531 7829 —

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  1. Eat. Travel. Eat!

    Agree, quite expensive. The long receipt makes me smile! Your burger was certainly filled to the brim with toppings, I agree. Those jalapeno peppers are cut big! I’d think they would be bell peppers if I didn’t read the receipts.

    I wonder how long it takes for them to use up a bag of those potatoes…there’s just so many of them! Definitely more than one bag per day, I guess.

  2. Henry

    Ben, picture of your burger reminds me of that old tv commercial of the old lady complaining “Where’s the beef?”. Will have to try this place out when I’m in town!

  3. karengd

    You need to come out to Surrey more often! We have lots of great restaurants here.

    I’ll have to check out this new place – there’s so much new development in that part of town it’s hard to keep up!

  4. eatingclubvancouver_js

    The burgers are a tad expensive for me. I’d love for you to try Romer’s Burger Bars and see what you think. The burgers there are $9 bucks, going up to $11 for some of the more premium ones, with toppings like gorgonzola. Ignore the Kobe Burger ($24). With a $9 burger, that’s only a $1 more than the cheeseburgers here. I’d love to see your take on the value proposition of both burger places. The drive is about the same, I think?

  5. grayelf

    That would be an interesting comparo, js. I haven’t made it to Five Guys and I must say I am not ubermotivated, especially when I can walk to Romer’s :-). I think it might win on the bun alone for me. But not really fair until I’ve tried Five Guys.

    1. Ben

      He he he … this is the second time I see you using the word comparo today, Grayelf. That is not a English word. It is more like the name of a mountain bike or something like that. Oh, I just saw the pictio of the burgers in Romer’s on Sherman’s site … fantastico, marvelo deelistico! OK, I had include this on the to-try list. But since we already had Five Guys, this will have to come later … after LotusRapper’s reco of the Red Onion Resto. 🙂 Ben

  6. grayelf

    You caught me, Ben! I do like adding “o” to the end of shortened words, like reso for reservation. Not sure where I picked that up. It will be fun to hear what you think of the RO — used to go there in high school myself. Many double dogs ingested in days of yore…

  7. Michelle

    Burger Heaven in New Westmister also has a good burger. Again….a bit of a drive for you. The shakes are very good there also though.

  8. Wils

    So glad you made it out there and had one of their unhealthy burgers. I forgot to mention they use FRESH jalepenos, not the bottled kind at other places, which gives it a great kick! What did you think of the Cajun fries? Spicy, eh? I certainly wouldn’t recommend the regular fries when they offer that.

    They usually have a Dry-Erase board saying where the potatoes they are using that day are from…Did you notice if they use BC potatoes, or are they imported? They use WA potatoes in Bellingham, so just curious.

    Can I be proud I made a chowtimes recommendation? Hope you did enjoy it, even if it seems relatively expensive! For a “fast food joint,” I do think it’s a little pricy, but it’s probably par cost-wise with a White Spot or Red Robin type of meal only without the service?

  9. george

    I can say they are much better than inn n out which everyone seems to love but me

    never order a regular its way too big even for an overgrown adult like me – i always go for the smallest one – the first time I made the mistake of getting a “regular” way too much food – the fries are insane – I tried the cajun but they are way too spicy good if you like that but the plain ones were much better

    its not that expensive my gawd where do you people eat? its about $10 a person with fries and a drink which isn’t that bad – wendys is pushing $8 most days and nowhere near as good five guys

  10. Marc

    The price for the burger is comparable to Earl’s and White Spot and cheaper than the Cactus club. I tried it for the first time yesterday in West Van and I thought the burger was pretty good. The french fry portion was big for one person if you add in the burger and this is coming from a burger and fry addict! lol

    1. Ben

      Hi Marc: Come to think of it you are right. 5G is not as expensive as it could get at other places. But still it is not cheap and I think it is much cheaper in the US than here. Since you are a burger/fry addict, I gotta ask you what your favourite burger place is. Ben

  11. Crispy Lechon

    Hi Ben, if you’re still on a look out for good burgers, there is Mondo Burger in Steveston. Its been getting good reviews and their price is reasonable. Under 10 dollars for a burger with fixins. I havent actually been there myself as my palate is not burger refined. I am a person that would say the King Burger whopper is one good burger..

  12. Andreas

    That’s how the fries come, it’s a chainwide thing, so stop being a baby and accept it.

  13. grayelf

    Thanks for the warning, andreas, I will be sure never to darken the door of an establishment that thinks it is okay to shower greasy fries over the rest of my food.

  14. Sedap Makan

    Stopped in at the Park Royal location today. It was after 1 and there was a long line out the door for the orders. It took about 10 minutes to place the order and another 10 minutes to get the food.

    There were 3 of us and 2 of us had the bacon cheese burger and my daughter had the cheese veggy sandwhich which turned out to be be a hamburger without the meet and the veggies were just the toppings.

    The good – fries were quite good although the cajun were not much different – just some seasoning salt on them as far as I can tell. The meat was flavourful and there were lots of fresh topping.

    The bad – The buns were kind of soggy when we opened them up and the cheese was not even as good as kraft singles, for a gormet burger I expect some half decent chees. $4.60 for a large fries seems a bit much but they were decent and there were a lot of them.

    For the same price I would still prefer Modern, Vera’s or Splitz in the same category.

    1. Ben

      Hi Sedap Makan: Thanks for the report. Ben

  15. WS

    To know how good the burgers are, I would limit the toppings. Can you get a burger less than well done in Vancouver? I can where I live(although it’s not easy to find), despite many restaurants in Canada saying it’s illegal to serve anything less than well-done burger.

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