Chowtimes Milestone: 10,000+ Pageviews Today

OK, I know … some of you will roll your eyes and say to me, “Go get a life, Ben”.


For what it’s worth, this means a lot to us. We never knew that day when we hit 10,000 pageviews would be today. We had hoped it would eventually but not now, not so soon. Moreover, this is reached not because we were StumbleUpon or the site being Digg … which makes it all that sweet.

Yeah, I know many sites have way many more daily pageviews than 10K but for a little flog (flog=food blog) which is littered with grammatical errors like ours, it is a big deal.

Of course, all these are because of Friends of Chowtimes who had been faithful supporters of our site. Thanks a lot! Please continue to give us feedback on how we can further improve the site. We just hope that you continue to find the site useful … and most importantly, entertaining as we chose to share part of our lives with you all.

Anyway, if you are interested to see the stats, read on …


The above is the snapshot of our SiteMeter taken 29 minutes before midnight on September 6th, 2010 … right at the moment when the pageviews passes that 10K mark for the day.

The site had been growing everyday ever since we migrated to a virtual dedicated server. I think that move made a huge difference because was groaning under the heavy traffic. The problem with chowtimes is that we simply had too many images and also we installed way too many plugins. Oh BTW, we have 36,000 pictures on the site. LOL!

The daily pageviews had tested the 9K mark twice the last month. Frankly, we would be happy averaging just 7500 pageviews daily this month. At the rate the pageviews had been going the past two weeks, we could be hitting a new milestone … 250,000 pageviews for the month.

So the total pageviews for today is 10,242.

OK, you can stop rolling your eyes now. LOL!

14 thoughts on “Chowtimes Milestone: 10,000+ Pageviews Today

  1. Congratulations on the site’s popularity. I find Chowtimes approaches things with a sort of unique combination of honesty and low key humour that I really appreciate. I guess your latest stats show I’m not the only one. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. I can easily do 2 to 3 thousand page refresh per day. That should bump you up over your target. LOL.

    Congrats to your new milestone.

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