Fruit Punch

For drinks, Jorge prepared a Fruit Punch for the BBQ at the South Arm Cooking Club for Seniors. The Fruit Punch is a good summer treat to cool off the heat.


I like the addition of chunky fruits and the blended pineapples in this fruit punch.


  • 355 ml frozen orange juice concentrate
  • 1/2 can of 355 ml frozen lemonade concentrate (add more if you like it more tart)
  • 540 ml can of pineapple tidbits in pineapple juice
  • 2 litres dry ginger ale
  • 4 cups of mixed fruit


Source: Jorge Viduenez

Prep time: 10 minutes;  Serves 6

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BBQ Vegetables

The BBQ will not be complete without some kind of vegetables. Jorge prepared a Spinach and Strawberry Salad and grilled some vegetables to go along with the BBQ fish and chicken.


The complete meal includes BBQ chicken thigh, fish, corn, sweet peppers and portobello mushrooms.


  • 1 package of fresh portobello mushroom
  • 2 green bell peppers
  • 4 ears of corns
  • butter
  • salt and pepper


Source: Jorge Viduenez

Prep time: 10 minutes; Cook time: 10 minutes; Serve 6

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