Cool And Useful Home Tricks

This is so cool … and I think you will enjoy watching this.

This came from my childhood friend. Here you go:

How to close a bag of chips without a seal clip:


More here … How to peel a hard boiled egg:


And … How to remove a cork from inside a bottle:


And … How to speed peel a potato:


And … Instantly remove your shirt:


And … How to chill your can of soda in 2 minutes:


And finally … Turbo parking. This one you should not try at home!


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  1. Ming

    I am soooo gonna try that parking trick….. :p

  2. Buddha Girl

    Ooooooh…good tip…especially when we’re on-the-run! LOL! Thanks for posting!!!

  3. Jaime

    These were hilarious! I will be trying the chip and egg one 😛

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