Delicious Chinese Cuisine on Kingsway, Between Victoria and Knight, Vancouver

Updated: 12th June 2011; This restaurant had closed according to

Suanne and I had to run out for an errand that Saturday weekend. So we plan to go for a slow and leisurely dim sum since we had time to kill. We know exactly the place to go to. I had been there for lunch alone before and I was quite impressed with the variety of dim sum they had on the menu.

Some of you know me already, about how I look forward to non-traditional dim sum items. Siu mai, har gow, rice rolls and stuff like that bores me. But this restaurant has more than that. Their dim sum slash lunch menu has over 100 items. And what more, 40% of them are just $2.75.


The restaurant name is Delicious Chinese Cuisine, not to be confused with the Taiwanese restaurant called Delicious Cuisine in Richmond which won 2 CRA awards in 2010.

Delicious Chinese Cuisine is located along Kingsway somewhere almost in the middle between Victoria and Knight. When I first came across this restaurant, I thought that this is a Mainland Chinese restaurant because of the bright yellow and red sign. Instead it is not “jiang gouyu” (Mandarin speaking) but it is very very Cantonese.

We associate yellow and red signs with Mainland China restaurant. Do you have the same way of thinking too?


We got there early. Traffic was light. It was just slightly before 9AM but they were already opened. Already there was a big table of seniors enjoying their “yum cha” (translated as drinking tea). Dim sum is the most common name for dim sum but the term yum cha is equally as commonly used in Hong Kong. So next time you want to impress your Cantonese speaking friends, use the word “yum cha” instead of dim sum and you will probably see them raise their eyebrows in delight.

The interior is not like what it looked like outside. It is a pleasant and bright restaurant with a large “L” shape dining hall. I think it seats easily 120 to 150 people. The decor is above average from the usual dim sum restaurant. It even has 50″ flat screen TVs and chandeliers. I just like chandeliers in restaurants. 🙂

At 9AM, they had just turned on the heater. So it was freezing cold, for the part of the meal that we had to keep our jackets on.


With so many choices and there are only two of us, we decided we just tick all of the items on the Chef’s Specialty section. You may click on the image above to show it larger, BTW.

We also added a couple of more interesting sounding items.

Service was slow, that I should mention. Unlike other dim sum places, speed is important. Here, the dishes came out one at a time. Which is fine by us. We have time to kill and we like to properly and slowly savor every dish. “Yum Cha” cannot be rushed … dim sum can be rushed, if you know what I mean.


The BBQ Duck with Rice Spaghetti in Soup was one of the items under the Chef’s Specialty. It is unbelievably cheap for a full noodle dish at just $3.

And the bowl is not small at all. It is big and this one bowl is definitely filing for breakfast for one.


The noodle is … (more…)

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