Bo On The Go

I think this is some exciting news that friends of Bo and Burmese food is gonna be happy to learn.

Suanne and I were at Bo Laksa King’s new restaurant a week ago. We were there with Grayelf and TimeToChow after the dinner at Luda where we decided to take go to Bo’s for some dessert.

End of (Laksa) Era … and Beginning of a New (Briyani) Era!

While we were there for desserts, Bo told us that he will be closing down his “flagship” counter in Joyce at the end of October.


It’s kind of sad to see that humble little counter in the Joyce-Way Food Market (original blog here). This “flagship” store is where Vancouver discovered the great laksa and other equally great Burmese fare that Bo served. It spread very quickly by word of mouth and before long people were making a bee-line to try his laksa.

That was just a little over 1 year ago when Bo was “discovered”.  He had been running both the counter and the new place on East Hastings for a few months already. It is taking a toll on him and Tiffanie running two eateries. So it was not a surprise to anyone that he will have to let go of that humble counter sooner or later.


So, thinking that today is the last day I could get Bo’s Laksa from the “flagship” restaurant, I drove over to the Joyce location to get take out. For old time’s sake. 🙂

Yes, the picture above was the one I bought for lunch today.

Well, it seems like Bo had decided to keep the counter running for one more month. Yeah, instead of closing in end of October, the new closing date will be end of November.


The above is Bo’s “flagship restaurant”.  LOL! Such humble beginnings.

So on the way out after getting the laksa, guess who stopped me as I was leaving the convenience store?

Earlier this year, Suanne and I attended the Burmese Water Festival where we had such a great Burmese feast (blog post and food porn here). The food was fantastic and not to mention free too! Of course the food was organized by Bo but there is another lady who played a great part in preparing the food too. Well, that same lady is the owner of the Joyce-Way Food Market convenience store.

So she stopped me as I was heading out. I was surprised that she still recognized me. Guess what she told me.

OMG, she told me that … (more…)

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