Fraser Park Restaurant — Hard to Find in Burnaby

ChowtimesNoWord32x32Complete Disclosure:
We did not pay for the food in this restaurant as Anton was expecting us.

“Difficult to find. Hard to forget.”

That is how I would sum up this place.

It is the character behind the Fraser Park Restaurant that I find very interesting. It is this interesting character of this place that the a popular TV show from the Food Network is going to feature this nondescript restaurant in the coming spring.

I just don’t know where to begin telling you about Anton and the Fraser Park Restaurant. LOL!

I wish there is a way you could meet Anton … get to know him and see what goes on inside his head and you will know what I mean.

I met Anton in his restaurant over a year ago. He first contacted me because he saw that I had been planning dinners (the 8GTCC dinners) and he thought that it was fun and wanted to talk about doing something like that. At one point, he was thinking of getting people to come together to cook together in a afternoon and the sitting down to enjoy the fruit of the labour. At another time, he was thinking of getting his chef friends together for a cook off and then invite people to come and pay-what-they-want. All for the love of food!

I like Anton. He did not come across to me as someone who would want to do this just for publicity for his restaurant. As a matter of fact, he told me way up front that he did not want me to write about his little restaurant because he has way enough customers already than he can handle.

That was then … one year ago. All that initial brainstorming was not carried through. He got busy and I got busy with other things in life. And I did not blog about the restaurant.


Out of the blue, Anton wrote to me again. He was telling me that the TV show had identified his restaurant and planned to shoot in his restaurant over two days. I can’t tell you what the TV show is but I think some of you can guess which show it is. Don’t ask me because my lips are sealed.

Anton asked me if I could meet him so that he could pick my brains on what he needs to do to prepare for the TV shoot. It is not that I am an expert in this sort of things but I would love to go and catch up with Anton again and bring Suanne along to try his food.

So where is Anton’s restaurant? The Fraser Park Restaurant is not exactly unknown. Many people knows him and loves his simple authentic German food. It is located in an area you will least expect. As a matter of fact, it is one restaurant you will not go into if you saw it by chance.

And that is the beauty of it. Sometimes one should not judge a book by its cover. As I mentioned up front … it is the character that makes this restaurant that I think many people should experience. You might hate it … or you might just love it. I love it.

It is “difficult to find” as I said. Fraser Park is located way down the southern most part of Byrne Road in Burnaby. There is virtually nothing here except for lots of industrial buildings. Oh, I think there is also a correctional facility nearby too! There is also a nice park that I used to walk along after lunch when I was working in the area.

Outside the restaurant and in the general area, don’t be shocked with rusted cars and vans parked haphazardly around.


Anton’s specialty is his German lunches. He is after all a master butcher and a master sausage maker. He studied food science in microbiology. So he knows his stuff. You can see his credentials on the walls inside the restaurant.


He changes his menu every week and serves different things everyday. However, there are days that he will feature something standard because people loves that:

  • On Wednesday it is his famous German lunch
  • On Thursday it is lamb based
  • On Friday it is salmon day

We picked Wednesday to visit Anton because we wanted to eat his German lunch.

See the menu above. Don’t you just love him putting in a smattering of German words on his weekly menu? You can click on it to make it more readable. He emails the menu of the week out to his customers so that they can plan to come in for the specials of the week. It is hard to get bored with his food when he tries to vary it every day, every week.


Anton is a crazy nut if you ask me. He is a perfectionist and he insists on making his food from … scratch on his own rather than taking the easy way out and getting it from suppliers. Nope, he is not one of those people and it’s a rarity to see people like him.

He showed me the list of items he makes from scratch above from one year ago. Anton told me he started experimenting in his mother’s kitchen since he was 12 years old. Ask him to show you his work from eons ago. You gotta to see his neat handwritten recipes and homework done 50 years ago. It is all in German but I had great respect for the man for the kind of work and dedication he had shown even at a young age. If you go to this restaurant, ask him to show you his kiddie work. I am sure you too will be impressed.

Not only that he makes his food from scratch where he can, he also has a garden of his own where he grows his own kitchen herbs!



I told Anton my observation which he did not thought. I said by looking at his food, I can see how much pride he had placed on his food … he tagged the word “Anton’s” to almost every label. Yes, to Anton’s customer it is important for them to know it is hand created by Anton, not someone else.

Anton is also a story teller. You ask him about each of the items and he will have a story for them.For instance, the Anton’s Homemade Sausage you see at the bottom right above. Those sausages are different from those you normally come across. You see, they are skinless.

Anton said that when he was about to open the restaurant way back in 1977, he ordered some casings for his sausages. The casings did not arrive in time and he thought he absolutely need it. So out of a desperate situation, he went ahead to find a way to make the sausages without the casing to hold in the fat. Guess what … it was well received by his customers and so today you find that Anton’s Homemade Sausages are skinless ones.

I’ll let you ask him about the his ham … his cured cured bacon …


Anton’s restaurant is a busy place during lunch time. We walked into the restaurant at 12:30 PM and there were a lot of people already lining up to order lunch at the counter.

I can see what he means when he said he does not want more customers. He said he is happy with the current place where he could talk to his customers and do what he does best. That shows me what kind of a man he is because I am sure he can make this restaurant bigger than he wants to but he is just not interested.

That is also why his restaurant opens early at 6:30 AM to serve breakfast and then promptly closes at 2:00 PM after lunch hours. He wants time on his own to do his own stuff.

Yeah, I know. I am doing a disservice to him by writing about Fraser Park … but I just want to share this restaurant with you.




Anton did not have to do that but he had a table set aside for us with some food ready on the table. Anton’s lovely daughter told us “he’s waiting for you” the moment we walked in.

Anton’s appetizers were marvelous to say the least. I’ll do this clockwise from the top left.

The house made mayonnaise with paprika is our favourite. It has an amazing color to it that you just want to start with that first. Anton is very proud of this item. As a matter of fact, he even showed us how it is made … it was so simple!

The Red Beet Salad was done well. It’s just that I am not a great fan of red beet myself.

Anton told us that he made the ham just in the morning and the taste was really good. It was not salty which I do not like in hams.

Lastly the sweet and sour cucumbers with onions had a nice taste to it.


Yeah, it was a good started. We could barely wait to see what else he had in store for us after these.


Anton was a bit concerned about this dish. He half brought us this and ask “you want to try this?” I think he was concerned that this would look too ghastly, too fatty to us.

You kidding me? This is absolutely gorgeous, we told him.

Anton said it is not on his menu and he made this specially for us (thanks Anton!). It is his hometown specialty in Germany. It is a pork foot which is brined and cured like ham.


The fat skin is very tender and simply melts in our mouth. Yeah, I think maybe the Chinese chefs can learn a few things from Anton.



Anton ran this restaurant together with his wife, Sylvia. Sylvia is an accomplished cook of her own too. She does a lot of the Asian stuff and this Asian Hot Sauce she made above is really good.

There is a slight twist to the taste of this that is very similar and yet different from the same type of sauce you see in the Chinese restaurants. I just can’t make out what it is. Sylvia said that some of the ingredients she used are sesame oil, chili flakes, ginger and garlic. She said she had to slow cook this the whole day to make it.

It went very well with the German Pork Foot for sure.


Anton also let us try the “Anton’s Potato Pancake”. If you happen to try this and you get to speak with Anton, go ahead and ask him about the story of the recipe. When you ask him, look closely into his eyes. You will know what I mean when you hear from him. I won’t tell you now.

This is Anton’s mom recipe. He serves this for breakfast everyday to honour his mom. It is made with zucchini, carrot and oat. The potatoes are blanched first and then freeze for easy grating. Taste wise it is peppery and crispy.

This is unlike anything we had tasted and the taste is complex. I think you will enjoy eating this as much as we did. Dab some of his mayo-paprika. It’s good.


The main meal!

This is called the Deluxe German Lunch: “Kesselfleisch”.

In Anton’s menu, there are the words “Quality Homemade Food Served in Generous Portions” … and this is what it is.

This is from southern Germany and the name means meatball in a pot. We asked for half order each which is still a lot of food to us. Anton served this with more of his amazing sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.

Since this is a ” smaller” serving, we did not have the house made bacon and schnitzel which is tender breaded pan fry pork which came with the Deluxe version.


The boneless/skinless pork hock was amazingly tender. It is topped with caramelized onions. Anton said that originally, it should be bone in with skin on but his customers preferred boneless and skinless, so Anton adapted the recipe. I thought he should have kept it the way it is meant to be.


The above is the skinless sausages I talked about earlier. Made in-house, Anton uses different spices at different times. He likes changing it every now and then just for fun. So his homemade sausages will taste one way one day and yet different on another.

This particular batch we tried has a nice star anise flavour. It is not at all salty like store bought ones. These I can eat many in one sitting. Oh yeah … dab some mayo-paprika on this too … nice!


The desserts were Sylvia’s specialty. We tried her warm cassava cake and banana bread. Serving the cassava cake warm makes a big difference. We like it a lot because it is softer.

The Fraser Park Restaurant is opened Monday to Friday from 6:30 AM to 2:00 PM. He is opened on Saturdays too but closes 30 minutes earlier. On Saturdays when it is slower he sometimes will get people together and they have a live band to entertain his customer! He himself plays the drum.

If you want to receive emails of the weekly menu from Anton, send him an email at

Go with an open mind. Don’t be put off by the location. Look beyond the outside and look inside of Anton’s mind and of him as a person. I think this is where the beauty of this restaurant lies. I think this is why a food TV show is featuring this little place.

“Difficult to find. Hard to forget.”

Fraser Park Restaurant on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

Monday to Friday: 6:30AM to 2:00PM

Saturday: 7:00AM to 1:30PM

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  1. buddha boy

    I miss this place. You should try their breakfast sandwich with egg which incorporates the sausage, bacon egg and his mayo.

    I’m going to send Buddha Girl to pick up some sausage rolls soon.

    1. Buddha Girl

      YUPS!!! This is one of our favorite places!!! Too bad we never really blogged about it…hahaha…we haven’t been there since we started blogging!!! Hehehehe!

  2. Elaine


  3. Michelle

    Great find…..will definitely be checking this place out. If he ever organized a cookoff or a cookday, I’d love to attend…:-).

    1. Ben

      Hi Michelle: I know Anton checks chowtimes every now and then. Let’s see if he picks this up and say something. 🙂 Ben

    2. Anton

      Hi Michelle,
      What are you most interested in?
      A Potato Pancake, Mayo or Schnitzel etc ..all stops removed.. “Show” I am able to pull off any day(Mo-Sat) after 1:30, when I am “off the hook”.
      Group of 3-4 is ok; short notice too.
      pls phone a day or so ahead @604 433 76 05

      foodies unite!


      1. Michelle

        Hi Anton,
        I love everything…as Ben can attest to…:-). My schedule is very hectic right now but in the new year, I’d love to organize a little chowdown here. Ewerything looks so great. I signed up for your email menu, so for now, I can just drools over the daily offerings!!

  4. You said that the Kesselfleisch was a smaller serving? Wow, that’s nuts! Everything looks so amazing! What was your favourite item from the meal – other than his paprika mayo?

    As people in the hockey world say, it sounds like Anton “wears his heart on his sleeve.” It’s really rare to find someone so passionate and happy with what they’re doing. Anton sounds like a very interesting character! I wish I was able to go out west and try this place.

    1. Ben

      Hi Christine: My favourite is definitely the ham, the pork foot and the pork hock. Hehehe … what else?!? He is a certified master butcher and master sausage maker … Anton knows his meat very well. Ben

    2. Anton

      Hi Christine,
      thank you for your response.
      we can always hook up across the country via SKYPE to do a little cooking demo at the Restaurant.
      I am ready.



    1. Ben

      *ahem* My lips are sealed Kevin. I did not ask Anton if I could mention the name of the show and so am gonna let him share it if he so chooses. 🙂 Ben

      1. Anton

        Hi Kevin
        thank you for your comment.
        Pic’s and all about the event will go up on my Facebook sites under “Anton Heggen” or “Fraser Park Restaurant” by the Weekend…



        1. Kevin

          Good to know, thanks Anton! Hope to make the trip out to your place soon. 🙂

  5. Mary

    I’ve been here a couple of times, and the food is great. After seeing the pictures here, I need to go back soon!
    Thanks for the great posts.

  6. Anton

    Thank you all for this wonderfull and encuraging responses. And aspeccially thanks to my mom who I really really feel she is present every day at the restaurant: just closing my eyes and taking the flavours in does me feel like it!
    Stop now Anton! Your eyes are watering up again…
    Nice twist at the end of your story, Ben… makes us reaaaly hard to find.
    The correct address it…for some reason emails to request my DELI NEWS coming in anyway



    1. Ben

      Sorry about the typo, Anton. I’ve fixed the email address. Ben

  7. grayelf

    My eyes are watering too :-). This is going on the SO’s list of lunch spots for when he is out doing site visits. Nice one!

  8. Anton

    My last point of the day is for everybody to know:
    When it comes to chicken meat we strictly use the meat from the thigh because it is more flavorful than the breastmeat.
    And only thigh meat from the left thigh come to use because during sleep the chicken always stands on its right foot, the left one up in the air which makes it waay more tender than the foot it stands on.
    You dont have to believe it, its the truth.
    Good night everybody.


    1. Lissa

      Wow! I learned something new every day.

      I’ve drove by Byrne so many times and I bet I passed your restaurant without knowing it. I’ve never tried German food so this will be a totally new experience.

      Will visit your restaurant soon instead of taking the kids to McD at Market Crossing 🙂

    2. Buddha Boy

      I don’t see the coq au vin on the menu, is not gone? was it you or your wife that made this? I love it better than the red wine version. Anton, you really need to put up a web site to showcase your offerings, but you really don’t need the extra business. You also should put out a cookbook one day.


      1. Buddha Girl

        ANTON!!! I love the sausage rolls!!! When Buddha Boy used to work in the area, I always asked him to bring home some!!! Mmmm…yum!!!

      2. Anton

        Hi Buddha Boy,
        What Day would you like coq au vine next week? I have just added your email address to the list of subscribers of our DELI NEWS hope that’s OK.with you.
        You are right with the website, but a have 2 Facebook sites: “Fraser Park Restaurant” and “Anton Heggen”.
        I like the Cookbook idea very much.


        1. Anton

          just forgot the “who is doing it”, it’s a joined effort I select the Meat (left thighs only, you know)
          Its been heated slowly in a previously prepared Chicken stock, usually our stock is enriched by repeating heating chicken meat up in the same broth.
          Quick cooling down (meat and broth together) is crucial for many reasons one is the improved juiciness of the meat.
          My wife is the “queen of the kitchen”, she takes over at that point my comment usually is “here is the chicken and your stock…the taste is already there”…she will reply “so, why don’t you finish it then..?”

          I am also happy about the fact, that Sylvia was staying in Germany for 2 weeks by herself at my parents house in order to cook site by site with my mom.


  9. nova

    any chance Klösse will make it onto the menu?? 😀

    1. Anton

      Hi nova,

      thanks for reminding us! Kloesse (how did you get the 2 dots on top of the “o”? is something I always wanted to do.
      Sleep seems like such a damn waste of time to me…

      I will keep this ball rolling…


  10. Anton

    Moms Birthday is today!
    December 10 1921..your review could not have com at a better time, Ben.
    Thanks to you and Suanne


  11. Julie

    I love German food. I’ve been looking for German restaurants in the Lower Mainland that would make pork foot because that is what I had tried at a German restaurant in South America a few times in the past and then, I went to try a few German restaurants here, nobody serves it in their menu. I see that Ben and Suanne tried the pork foot, but that Anton does not serve in his menu !!! Too bad 🙁
    But I will still come and try his menu for sure 🙂

    1. Anton

      Hi Julie,
      thank you for your comment.
      Here is what I Plan to do:
      For the next 3 Wednesdays(Dec15,22,and 29)I will serve Pork
      My Friend Paolo, the owner of BON BON Bakery on Victoria St. will bake for us Rye Bread using what else? Mom’s Recipe! A distinct Caraway flavor was her trademark….
      I will prepare a dozen or so orders for the first Wednesday!

      (2 Pork feet with Rye bread and a side of my homemade Mayo and salad appetizer for 6.50)

      Would that work for you?



      1. Ben

        This is so awesome, Anton. This is the sort of reasons I thought you are one in a million … going out of your way just because ONE person (Julie) asked for it. *hat tip* 🙂 Ben

        1. Anton

          Thank you Ben,
          the technical term would be “Consumer driven”, I guess…
          That’s what I thing is one secret of our success.

          And you know, what I like doing as much as I get the time for it?
          Cleaning plates from leftover Food!
          Its learning time for me! If I see Patterns of the same food being left behind I start analyzing right away and do tastings with my team on that particular Item.

      2. Crispy Lechon

        I’m planning to go there next Wed lunchtime. I’m going to get the big German lunch. Can I have a piece of the pork feet with skin on instead of the pigs feet meat in the platter?

        1. Anton

          Done Deal, Crispy!
          ….and see you Wednesday!

          Aufwiedersehn am Mittwoch


          1. Crispy Lechon

            Danke. Wir sehen uns am Mittwoch.

      3. Alice

        pig feet(how can it be enjoyed without the skin! and bone gives flavourrr) and rye bread are two of my favourite ingustibles! even though i generally prefer other meats to pork. i’ve been trying all the rye bread i can find and feeling its always abit lacking, oftentimes too salty or acidic or bland :'( woe be me the bread fanatic

        i’ll be there one of the wednesdays!

        1. Ben

          Gosh … I felt so left out that so many of you are making your way to Anton’s this Wednesday. I think you guys are gonna be there just because it’s German Wednesday in Anton’s. I recall in one of the comment that Lissa might be there, so you can say hi and go check with her about that paan mein. 🙂 Too bad I can’t get away because it would be fun to meet some of you there. Hey … wondering if some of you might take pix and share? Ben

          1. Crispy Lechon

            Hi Ben, I will bring my P&S camera and take some pictures. I will be there before noon around 11ish. Hey we should have a pin that says Fan of Chowtimes so we’ll know who we are when we bump into each other tomorrow. LOL.

          2. Ben

            Hi Crispy: Maybe you ask Anton to reserve you a corner table so that you all can meet up. I look forward to your pictures! Ben

          3. Anton

            I think this table (only 4+ seats) would be a little small..

            I will set aside our 8+ table right beside mothers kitchen stove for you 11:00am sharp.
            Menu suggestion: “Chow-special” 1/2 German deluxe (Soup of choice, Mashed, Sauerkraut, Kesselfleisch, Sausage, Bacon, Schnitzel, Pork Food, Cassava/Banana bread dessert)
            And here is the “Kicker”: pay, what you think it’s worth!
            you trust me..I trust you!
            that’s me!

          4. Ben

            OMG, you serious, Anton? Oh … makes me want to make my way to your restaurant tomorrow but I just can’t get away. Sigh …

          5. Crispy Lechon

            Whohoo German feast!! Ben, I’m sure you can take a 2 hr lunch break or use up one of your sick leaves. Hope to see u tomorrow!

          6. Ben

            I tried but I can’t. My heart will be there though. 🙂 Ben

          7. Lissa

            Aiks! I can’t make it at 11am. 🙁 Most probably after 12.30pm for me.

          8. Crispy Lechon

            Hi Anton, I’m just thinking, maybe you shouldnt reserve the 8 seater table tomorrow. This is an informal and impromptu chowdown and we dont know for certain how many people can make it. We will also be coming in at different time too. Perhaps early next year we can do one with a lot more planning on our part. I dont think many Chowtimes readers can go there for lunch on a weekday because of work. Maybe something can be arranged one Saturday lunch time. Just MHO.

          9. Ben

            Hi Crispy: Go and take the big chair when you are there today. Very very uncomfortable but it will look good on ya. 🙂 Ben

      4. Julie

        OMG. I thank you for doing this. I will definately come by your place on Wednesday. 🙂

  12. Lissa

    Hey Anton

    I’ll see you on Wed as well. Have an appt in Burnaby in the morning. Can’t wait to try your food.


    1. Anton

      Urgent message to all my followers:

      Please get me:
      – a “jazzy” piano player.
      – or a “jazzy” guitar player or
      – a “jazzy” accordion player or violin…
      – I am desperate to join in on my drums or the stand-up bass…
      The deal is:
      free food, drinks and tips for the musician!
      Instruments are at the restaurant!
      My biggest fear?
      having a person walk in who can play any given instrument AND I DON’T HAVE IT !


      that’s me!


  13. maxmillan

    I love to hear about people being able to share their culinary passion. This is definitely on my list to try. Thanks for sharing.

  14. buddha boy

    I would definitely buy a cookbook if you do one.

    I will have Buddha Girl call you to pre-order some sausage rolls, and definitely some of your mayo on the side to go as well. And maybe a breakfast sandwich as well.

    I have enjoyed everything I have had at your restaurant, we have even purchased your packaged soups for home. Unfortunately, I no longer work in your area.

  15. Lissa

    Btw, how do I go about this when I drop in tomorrow? Ask to talk to Anton? Or may I suggest Anton placing a card saying “Chowtimes” on a small table so that we know where to go to?

    1. Anton

      Hey Lissa:
      No Problemo!..Enter, take a sharp left and read: “Chowtable”.
      Sign is already up.

  16. fmed

    This place sounds great. I need to make sure to check it out.

  17. Susan

    Wow all that food looks delicious. I love german food, especially saurkraut!

  18. Crispy Lechon

    I made it to Fraser Park this morning just before 11 am. Met Anton and he is indeed a very nice fellow. I was the first one to come in as I was there early. Anton was very gracious and he personally served me my lunch. He explained each item and spent time answering my questions even though the restaurant was getting busy with diners. As I promised Ben, I took some pictures and added captions. Here’s the link: Click on the slideshow options to see the captions.

    As Anton said, pay what you think is fair. I hope I had paid enough for that good German feast. Thank you Anton for your hospitality. I will drop by again one of these days to have one of your famous breakfasts. Sorry I had to rush out. I had an appointment at noon in New West.

    1. Ben

      Nice pictures Crispy … and Thanks! You like the mayo-paprika too huh? Me too and the pork hock looks bigger than what I had. So, did you have anyone else at the “chowtable”? Ben

      1. Anton

        That was Fun!….Sold out 24 pc Pfeet. Not even one left for ME!
        Even a number of my regular customers gave it a try. All in all a big success!
        And you know something else, Ben? The People Dining in on the “CHOWtable” were all very, very generous. Proved my point, that “P.W.Y.T.I.W.” Concept works. Thank you all!
        All this “Fires me up!”
        Here is what I will do for next wednesday:
        Double up # of P.Feed, I will also prepare (cured like Ham) some Chicken Feet; further one Pigs head (cured like ham)…just for the fun of it!
        Thank you all again,

        1. Ben

          Wow, really Anton?

          24 pcs of pork feet? At this rate you can corner the pork feet market within a year. 🙂 I am curious, how many people turned up on the “CHOWtable”?

          The people were generous? Hehehe … it was a trap by you. You see, your food is so nice that it is worth more than you get from else where. With all the generosity from your new found customers, am looking forward to see how you will pay it forward. This could be a start of something special. Way to go, Anton!


          1. Crispy Lechon

            Hmmm generous..maybe I paid too much. LOL. But pig’s feet and pig’s head, I’m so there!!

          2. Anton

            # of people was about a dozen, Ben.
            That’s actually our philosophy: we charge less, then the food is actually “worth” to the customer..
            And they know that. In a way we do the “Pay what you think it’s worth” thing every Day, Ben. We usually see it at the end of the day in the overflowing tip Jar…
            To us the only advertising (before Chowtimes)was: give the customer a reason to com back right on the plate you’re serving him!
            No buy 10 get 1 free, no coupons no fliers no newspaper ads etc!
            The advantage is it gives you a nice gradual growth in business and it allows you to grow little by little over Time which is less “painful” for everybody in the organization.

          3. Ben

            Hehehe … wanted to clarify regarding “To us the only advertising (before Chowtimes) …”. Anton did not advertise on chowtimes. If ever there was any “payment”, it was that we did not pay for the lunch we had on the day we last visited Anton’s. I know it is obvious to all of you that chowtimes does not get payment for writing about restaurants … but still … it should be clarified. 🙂 What Anton meant was referring to was the exposure of his restaurant from the writeup on chowtimes.

            But … hey, Anton … having about a dozen people turn up was pretty good! 🙂


          4. Anton

            Sorry. used the wrong term Ben, just disregard the (Before…)
            …and that’s what I really meant to say:

            Fortunatly the review turned out to be as it was, it had an advertizing effect. I hope this is safe to say, Ben.
            And it’s not only the dozen or so people who turned up, it was the energy boost Chowtimes set free in me personally. And the will, to put our teams best foot forward. The impression of all this on my “regular” customers who wanted some pig feet as well…some rally great spin-offs…



          5. Ben

            No sweat Anton. I might just turn up for your Wednesday specials next week. 🙂

        2. Anton

          Hey all,
          I hope you had a great Christmas!
          In my time off I turned the Pigs Head into a Herb Pate which is the little “extra” now added to every Breakfast!(also for sale/take out)
          The Pigs Feet sold very well the 2nd Wednesday, but they sold even better the way I prepared them in jelly for take-out: 3 Feet for 5.50!
          Happy New Year!

          Anton + Crew

    2. Alice

      that looks incredible……i will be there next wednesday!

      1. Anton

        Hi Alice,
        and thank you for making it down to our place today!
        Have a very Merry Christmas.
        All the best from Anton and the crew.

        1. Alice

          Thanks for being so gracious and welcoming… me a taste of everything….and more (: enjoyed it so much indeed

  19. Lissa

    Our appointment in the morning went overtime. I debated if hubby & I should go since we only have like an hour before we had to drive home. We went. Took me a couple of stops to check if I got the right place 🙂

    Anton, I’m sorry we didn’t have time to taste the entree and had you to pack it for us. I hope you weren’t offended. I gave half of my food to my German neighbours (they haven’t heard of you) and also gave them your menu.

    I really like the mayo on every meat and I’ve never had so much meat on a plate before! My son loves it and I asked him to rate your food and he said 10 out of 10! 🙂

    I’m more of a dessert person and I must say that your cassava cake was delicious. I love it. Do you sell them in loaves? Do you even sell your mayo? LOL.

    Ben, we sat down with Doris and her two sons. Here’s a tip to everyone. If you give Anton a hug (like I did), you get two free cookies!!! 🙂

    1. Ben

      Hi Lissa: Thanks for the report. I keep thinking about Anton’s Mayo-Paprika or whatever is the right name for that. It is so good and it is so easy to make. Anton showed me and he whipped it up in a couple of minutes … did not even have to measure. Just dump ingredients and there. I think I can even make it myself. 🙂 The location is kind of weird huh? BTW, I read Doris’s update on Facebook and she likes Fraser Park Restaurant too. Ben

    2. Crispy Lechon

      Hi Lissa, that cassava cake is actually a Filipino version cassava cake dessert made by Anton’s Filipina wife. I saw it being sold in big chunks in their cooler showcase in big chunks. You can also buy them from Goldilocks Bakery in Broadway near Granville in Vancouver.

      Ben, I know that there was a ton of meat in the German lunch, but to be honest, I find it bland. I guess I’m just used to eating Chinese food with robust seasoning and lots of MSG.

      1. Lissa

        I like Filipino cassava cake. I’ll check out the big chunks if I’m in Burnaby again. Is Goldilocks’ cassava better or about the same?

        1. Crispy Lechon

          Goldilocks cassava cake is better. It is a Filipino bakery and they specialize in Filipino pastries and Filipino native cakes such as cassava cake. Here’s their website:
 Its a bit expensive though. Around 4 bucks for a small round cake of around 2 to 3 inches.

          Tung Hing bakery in Kingsway also sells these cassava cake. Its Vietnamese version but its still good and cheap. Around 80 cents a square.

          1. Anton

            Hi Crispy,
            we make 2 versions of cassava Cake: one is my personal favorite which I served you, it is more caramelized.
            When you come next time I will make sure, that you try the other one too…



  20. Nancy L

    Oh my that is alot of food!!! I’m so stuffed this holiday season but I’ll try to make it out tomorrow with my husband. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to visit from our home. However, I think we’ll need to share and even have to take some food home.

    1. Lissa

      Nancy, yes it’s a lot of food with lots of meat. Another reader brought a couple of containers with her that day. 🙂

      1. Nancy L

        We didn’t make it out to Anton’s but I am hoping we can visit sometime before I go back to work. I keep promising poor hubby.

        1. Ben

          Hi Nancy: Oh … I think you missed the boat for this year. If I am not mistaken, I think Anton is closed starting Friday and reopening only next year. Call them to check before you go! Ben

          1. Anton

            Yep, you got it right, Ben!
            We give all our customers a break from us til Monday January 3rd!
            Happy new Year to all our friends and bloggers,

            Anton and crew

          2. Nancy L

            Lucky we were there yesterday afternoon then. You looked busy Anton so we didn’t want to bother you. Plus you were on the opposite side of the room quoting Ben. ;0)

            Too bad we don’t work close by even though we live close enough. I guess it will be a very long time before we can taste that German lunch special.

            We will, however, drop by every now and then and pick up some food on the weekends once you are off break.

          3. Anton

            Hi Nancy,

            yes it was busy, and I do not feel good thinking about yesterday…
            2 people short, and we could not deliver the service I believe my customers deserve!
            I actually think I freaked..nothing went right… the phone was unplugged almost all day… and still..piles of used dishes on tables were people sat down…waaay to long wait to get food out…
            Please come in and give us another chance!
            Happy new year
            it’s all good.



          4. Nancy L

            We will definitely give Fraser Park another go. So do you think we can buy some of that homemade hot sauce too? It has a much sharper kick than what we make at home.

            Oh and I’m really sad that we both work too far to have any of your other specials.

            There needs to be another chowtimes get-together but for a Saturday! I want in on that German lunch even if I can’t eat alot at one sitting. I’m a person that eats every 20 minutes though. :0)

          5. Ben

            Hi Nancy: Anton must be too busy these days to answer your question but I think he is one who will do anything if you ask. 🙂 Give him a call or send him an email. Oh, I see that you had signed up too for the Mamak Cafe do. I look forward to meeting you on that Saturday again. Ben

    1. Anton

      Anton and crew is busy!
      Our daughter Maricel is stuck in Cairo for a couple of more Days because of some visa issues…and my Doctor wants to see me more than I want to see him! Hopefully nothing serious…



      1. Nancy L

        No worries Anton. Life is full of unexpected crazy things. I’ll wait until things settle down and give you a phone call, email or both in the next few weeks.

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