Lou Han Guo Herbal Tea

When we were in Malaysia, there is a favourite stall that we like to visit in Petaling Street that sells Lou Han Guo Herbal Tea. There is always a line up at this stall.

Out of the blue, Ben asked me to make him some Lou Han Guo Herbal Tea. Coincidentally, I have all the ingredients (I think) to make this drink. I had bought the ingredients but just did not get down to make it.  Perhaps, I can sense his wants.


The Lou Han Guo Herbal Tea has a natural sweetness and fragrance to it. This makes a good summer drink when it’s chilled.

This is an excerpt from Wikipedia regarding Lou Han Guo.

The fruit extract is nearly 300 times sweeter than sugar and has been used as a natural sweetener in China for nearly a millennium due to its flavor and lack of food energy, only 230kcal/g (960 kJ /100g) compared to granulated sugar which has 387kcal/g (1,619 kJ/100g). It has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine.


  • 1 Lou Han Guo
  • 1/2 package of Sweetened winter melon
  • a handful of dried longan meat


Source:  Suanne

for 4 litres of herbal tea

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