Turns Five

Well, well, well.

It is good to know that after five years we are still at it – sharing our food adventures and part of our lives with every one. It had been a really long journey to say the least from the first very simple blog post I wrote (Hello World) back on January 5th, 2006.


2010 had been another year of growth for chowtimes. Having written one post after another almost everyday, it is kind of hard to pinpoint that one thing that contributes to the increase in readership. With 2.7 million pageviews in 2010 alone, we are just glad that there are more than a few people who finds the stories on chowtimes interesting enough to return to check what Suanne, Nanzaro, Arkensen and Ben had been up to. I keep telling people that chowtimes readers are following a soup opera. LOL!

Thanks a lot for the support and encouragement everyone!

It is these things that we find that extra ounce of energy to write another post when the mind and body just yearns to be “normal”. You know …


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