Pho Cao Van: Nothing Remarkable

It was Arkensen and Nanzaro’s turn to decide where we are going to eat out. It was no surprise to us what they want. Their criteria is simple and they don’t care where we go to. It has to be:

  1. No driving over bridges
  2. Sushi or pho or salted fish fried rice

Sushi is out because Suanne doesn’t like it. She will come along but she will order Udon which she does not like. I suggested to the boys that we go to Pho Cao Van since it was fresh on my mind. They were happy to say the least because it is just 5 minutes from home.


I had almost forgotten about this restaurant until Crispy mentioned it in one of the comments. I had always considered Pho Cao Van to be unremarkable. It had always been there for as long as I remember. Despite all the restaurants around in Richmond, they had managed to continue to operate.

Pho Cao Van is located in a quiet section in the middle of Richmond. It is on Saba Road and right behind the Richmond Public Market. There are hardly any traffic there. It is so quite that this location has the only permanent 4-way flashing traffic lights in Richmond.

There are lots of parking along the street but it is pay parking. So we parked along the street in front of the restaurant. We only noticed the sign at the entrance to Pho Cao Van that they have parking at the rear.


The place is clean but as you can see, the decor is just a mismatch of everything – like organized chaos.

There was only one person managing the entire restaurant. She looked like she is the owner. She was scurrying all over the place trying to tend to everyone. Despite that, we had the service as we needed so it was not a problem.

We noticed that they speak Cantonese here. I think this is a Chinese owned Vietnamese restaurant.


They have a big menu with the usual items you see else where. It seems like they had recently adjusted their prices because all the prices were taped over with new prices.


My attention was drawn to the “Dac Biet” (specials) page and the stand on the table. It is good to see that they have something different because I am just not in the mood for pho, com and things like that.


I wanted to get the Deep Fried Crab Meat (on the second blue colored menu above) but they ran out of that. So I got the King Crab Balls (10 pieces) which is $8.

Yeah, I wanted to eat lighter because I had put on so much weight over the Christmas holidays. We had been eating out virtually everyday. Well, I had just officially … (more…)

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