Villa Vietnamese Cuisine on Bridgeport, Richmond

I think this is it.

This is the last restaurant in Richmond that everyone in the family will have no objection going to.

For those of you who does not know by now, the only places that Arkensen and Nanzaro wants to go dining out is to any Vietnamese or Japanese restaurant AND that it must be in Richmond. They hate driving far from home. They just want to go eat and be done with … and then go to Best Buy or Future Shop.

And then Suanne does not like Japanese, particularly sushis which the boys love. So that ends up with a choice of only Vietnamese restaurant in Richmond.

I think we had visited every single Vietnamese restaurant in Richmond already … except for this one. I think this is the last of it.


The Villa Vietnamese Cuisine is located on Bridgeport Road just east of where The Brick is.

We spotted this restaurant a couple months ago while driving past this area. We couldn’t find any reviews on the internet at all then and soon after we forgot about this. It was Suanne, who was confronted with going to a Japanese restaurant, brought up this place.

So we went. It wasn’t too good when we pulled into the small strip mall with a virtually empty parking lot. This was supposed to be peak lunch time on a Saturday. At this time the restaurants in Richmond are full and bustling.


However, the insides is very unlike the typical Vietnamese restaurants we had been to. This one is modern and clean. At a glance one would least suspect this is a Vietnamese restaurant.

The restaurant is rather small and seats about 24 people. They can surely fit more people but instead chooses to give a wide space in between tables.

This is a new restaurant. They had just been opened for 8 months which partially explain why they are … relatively unknown. The waitress told us (without us asking) that their customers are mainly Caucasians. All of their other customers are indeed Caucasians and they seems to be regulars too judging by how chatty they were with each other.


Service is friendly. The moment the waitress saw our camera, she was asking if we are “journalists”. Hehehe … I said no, we are not journalists and that we like to take pictures of our food. She just said “OK” with a tone like she was not convinced. She let us be.

They have a very nice looking menu with pictures and all … except that they uses generic pictures to represent the dishes. LOL! For instance, there was a picture representing the “Lemongrass Chicken or Pork Noodle Soup”. I could see straight off that the menu is westernized a bit although all the dishes are what you typically find in a Vietnamese menu.


The bean sprout were strangely icy cold. This is the first time I had come across this served so cold. Something tells me that they perhaps kept this in the fridge to have it last longer.


Suanne ordered the Lemon Grass Pork Noodle Soup ($7.25) and she asked that the pork chop to be served on the side. She doesn’t normally do that but I think she learned to do that every since we had the lunch in BT Cafe.

The noodle soup is small size with two types of vegetables and a clear broth. While there was a lot of of the pork chop, we find that it was just lightly charred.


For me, I had the Deep Fried Fish with Curry Sauce on Vermicelli ($8.25). I was told I could also have rice in place of the vermicelli but I stuck with the vermicelli.

This was not exactly what I had in mind although the combination of deep fried fish with curry sauce and vermicelli does sound appealing. But frankly, I am not surprised that it came out this way. Yeah, blame me for being a Vietnamese food snob. He he he … this is just too pretty looking, especially with the piece of broccoli. It is just that I had a certain expectation, that’s all.

The sauce was very slightly spicy. What is good is the three big slices of fish. I thought that in place of broccoli, potato will probably be a better compliment for curry dish.


The vermicelli served is the thicker version, like the ones used to make Bun Rieu. The taste overall can be described as single dimension. Straightforward tastes without complexity of flavours kind of thing.


Nanzaro opted for the Curry Chicken with Vermicelli ($8). This is virtually the same as mine. The sauce seems like it came from the same pot. It is a creamy smooth type of curry.


Arkensen got the House Special Pho ($7.25). The broth is clean and clear. Arkensen said it needs more meat and flavour.

Yeah, I wasn’t too particularly impressed with it. There are many places that could serve better ones.


Are you surprised that Villa accepts credit cards? It had been a long time since we come across a Vietnamese restaurant that does that.

Villa Vietnamese Restaurant is Asian owned and operated but they do cater to a different palate. For those of you yearning for authentic Vietnamese food, I think this will not meet your expectations. But if you are less adventurous this might fit the bill.

Below is the list of all the Vietnamese restaurants we know of in Richmond. Did we miss any? Anyway, I would love to see what are your favourite Vietnamese restaurants in Richmond. Mind taking a few moments to vote? You can click as many of the restaurants you wish.

Green Lemongrass [chowtimes review] (41%, 31 Votes)
Thai Son [chowtimes review] (39%, 30 Votes)
Pho Lan [chowtimes review] (22%, 17 Votes)
Pho Tai Hoa [chowtimes review] (16%, 12 Votes)
Pho Viet [chowtimes review] (14%, 11 Votes)
An Nam [chowtimes review] (9%, 7 Votes)
Hue Cafe [chowtimes review] (7%, 5 Votes)
Pho 99 [chowtimes review] (5%, 4 Votes)
Pho Queen [chowtimes review] (5%, 4 Votes)
Pho Cao Van [chowtimes review] (4%, 3 Votes)
Saigon City [chowtimes review] (3%, 2 Votes)
Total Voters: 76

Villa Vietnamese Cuisine on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

Monday to Friday: 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

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  1. eatingclubvancouver_js

    You might have one more to review in the next several weeks: West Lake is opening up in the old Celsius Cafe spot on No. 3 Road. 🙂

    1. Ben

      Oh yeah, JS. I saw that familiar logo. I hope they have free milk tea like they did last time. I love that Vietnamese – HK Style cafe combination. It looks like they are re-opening any day soon. Ben

      1. eatingclubvancouver_js

        Wonder why they’re opening again: from what I’ve heard, the owners wanted to retire. Maybe retirement isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. 🙂

        Have you visited that restaurant on Capstan Way, something Nooch or other? IIRC, they serve Vietnamese-style noodles etc, but I don’t think they’re a Vietnamese restaurant. Or at least, they prolly wouldn’t define themselves as such.

        1. Ben

          Hi JS: No, I have never heard of Nooch before but I just check it up on Urbanspoon. Seems like they are where Manzo Itamea is. Interesting concept. There is nothing on Urbanspoon but Dinehere has a lot of interesting reviews … would love to go check it out. Ben

          1. Crispy Lechon

            Nooch is under new management and its no longer a Vietnamese restaurant. Its now a Western style breakfast and sandwich lunch place. I went to Nooch before this transformation and their pho was ok. It was unique because they put daikon in their beef pho.

          2. Ben

            Hi Crispy: Oh? So is Nooch still called Nooch Pho or have they changed the name of the restaurant? I found out that there is also another Nooch in Richmond called Nooch Snack and Chill and wonder if it is related. Ben

          3. Crispy Lecho

            Hi Ben, yeah thats the name of the new Nooch restaurant. They retained the name Nooch but its no longer a Vietnamese restaurant. Someone posted some pictures of their dishes at Urbanspoon.


            It’s actually a nice restaurant. The interior and furniture are pretty much the same as the former Nooch.

          4. Crispy Lecho

            Hi Ben, my mistake again. The former space of Nooch Vietnamese Restaurant on Capstan Way is now a Taiwanese snack and BBT place. I’ll have to passby there to confirm. The new Nooch is now located in Jacombs Road near Ikea and its now the Nooch Snack and Chili, a breakfast/brunch/sandwich joint. It appears that it is operated by the former Nooch Vietnamese restaurant owners.

          5. Darren

            I went into the Jacombs Nooch Snack and Chill Location and what a pleasant surprise. Modern decor and clean. But the menu has indeed changed for the better.Freshly made sandwhiches and panini. Soup made from scratch. Truly impress!I don’t think there’s anythig like it in the area plus they offer catering to the businesses in the area for meeting and such. Which i will have to keep in mind for my next meeting. Worth checking out.

  2. EDC

    I recently went back to Pho Thai Hoa and it is still my place to go for pho.

  3. Ben

    Come to think of it, we still have not blogged about two other Vietnamese restaurant in Richmond: Pho Hoa and Pho 78.

    1. akwok

      Pho 78 is my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Richmond. Make sure you order a large bowl of pho for free spring rolls!

      1. Ben

        Hi akwok: Pho 78 has very odd opening hours. I always thought that they are late night after clubbing kind of place where food is not as good. Ben

        1. jeffy

          I saw their sign and they’re open until 3AM or something like that. Strange.

          Their location is also strange. I’ve seen this place for a while now and I always thought they’re just another wannabe pho place. We tried it last weekend and I was wrong! 🙂

          1. Ben

            Hi Jeffy: Did you know that something like 80-90% of Richmond restaurants are located on the east side of No 3 Road while it is pretty dead on the west side. The city of Richmond need to rip out all the car dealerships on that side of No 3 Road. Ben

  4. LotusRapper

    Ha, I voted for Thai Son even though I only frequent their Vancouver locations, and never been to their Richmond location.

    1. Ben

      That will work, Lotus. Wow, Thai Son is a runaway winner at this stage. I was rooting for Green Lemongrass over Thai Son. 🙁

      1. LotusRapper

        Yeah but TS is only leading by a couple of votes over Green Lemon ……. hey, Ben you just rigged Green Lemongrass to the lead !!

        1. Ben

          Shhh … not so loud!

          1. grayelf

            I wanted to vote for GLG but have only been to the Kingsway location so I didn’t. In fact I am going tomorrow for their $5 Vietnamese breakfasts. I don’t think they serve them at the Rmd outpost… do you know, Ben?

          2. Ben

            Hi Grayelf: I don’t know if the Richmond GLG serves the same nice-n-cheap $5 Vietnamese breakfasts. I know they do serve out of the ordinary items in the restaurant like the one on Kingsway but am not sure if they even open that early for breakfast. I’ll check on of these days for you when I am around that area. Ben

          3. grayelf

            Thanks Ben. I found out something interesting about the GLG on Kingsway. Apparently it is owned by the original proprietors of Pho Thai Hoa (across from Famous Foods) who sold up, went back to Vietnam and then opened it. Be that as it may, I would walk across hot coals to get the bot chien from GLG Kingsway :-).

  5. jason

    I think you left a few of your notes in the middle of the review

    1. Kevin

      Ben must be tired and missed that chunk. Interesting to see the raw note form though.

      1. Ben

        Hi Kevin and Jason: *gasp* I did? 😛 … Yeah, it was exactly what I call a quick and dirty post. You bet I was tired. I need 2 more hours of sleep! Ben

  6. Crispy Lechon

    I find it strange that in Urbanspoon, this restaurant has 100% “like” rating and 2 “new” reviewers are raving about it, while your experience is just meh. This proves that you can’t trust everything you read in Urbanspoon, Dinehere or Yelp. Restaurant owners can post phony reviews just to shore up their business.

    1. LotusRapper

      I only read the blog reviews on Urbanspoon, not the individual reviews themselves. Same goes for Tasteof604 and Dinehere.

      1. Ben

        Hi Lotus:

        ///Quote –> Same goes for Tasteof604 and Dinehere <–Unquote///

        The two sites does not have blog reviews, only Urbanspoon has it (very smart of Urbanspoon to exploit blogger's vanity with their leaderboard!). Anyway, it had been a while since I checked tasteof604. I had even forgotten about them.


    2. Ben

      Hi Crispy: Particularly for this restaurant, my view is that some people actually likes it. It is definitely not a place I would go back again. I don’t think YOU would like the food in this restaurant nor do I think that for people who voted “like” for Vietnamese restaurants for Green Lemongrass and Thai Son would find Villa their kind of Vietnamese restaurant. From what I see, the two other tables occupied seems to be happy return customers from the interactions they had with the restaurant waitress (they were talking of “how’s the family” and “I did not see you last week” sort of talk). This restaurant offers a clean modern environment, waitress who speaks impeccable English, the look of the food is “friendlier” (i.e. a chicken looks like a chicken and beef looks like beef kind of thing), vermicelli that is thicker and look more like spaghetti, etc. Yeah, food is very much a personal choice. What is important is whether we as an individual likes it or not. My … errrr … two cents. 🙂 Ben

      1. Crispy Lechon

        I guess in other words its a Westernized Vietnamese restaurant. Their customers are probably workers in the vicinity. Its location is kinda a bit far from the centre of Richmond’s food action.

  7. Ryan


    Pho Lan across City Hall hands down.

    Best spring rolls (nice fried, great crispy skin) and great broth (none of that clear healthy stuff)

    1. Ben

      Hi Ryan: Hehehe … I like Pho Lan but it’s clearly been beaten by Green Lemongrass and Thai Son. GLG and TS is running neck and neck. I think GLG will triumph eventually. Have you tried GLG before? They have a very interesting menu. Ben

  8. jeffy

    I love Vietnamese pho and I’m always on the lookout for a new Vietnamese restaurant.

    We decided to try out Pho 78 (I think is the name) last weekend and I have to say that I’m very impressed with service, food and cleanliness of the restaurant.

    I used to visit Pho 99 every week when they first opened up and I sort of stopped going when the whole place started to get really dirty. I can see fruit flies or some type of insect flying around all over the place!

    Pho Hoa used to be good and then they started going downhill. The whole restaurant is just really dirty and they started jacking up their prices sky high.

    Pho Viet have moved to a new location along Westminster Hwy, across from Pizza Hut. They only take cash and the whole place is small. 🙁

    West Lake is Chinese owned, not even close to the real Vietnamese Pho.

    In my opinion, Pho 78 is probably the best Pho place in Richmond right now. I will definitely go back there. FYI, people working there are actually Vietnamese. 🙂

    1. akwok

      Agreed! The owners of Pho 78 are very nice too. I’m pretty sure it’s completely family run — their son (I assume) handles the front while mom + pop makes the food in the back.

  9. mo

    my vote just brought thai son (it’s good but i like the vancouver one better tho) at a tie with GLG… how exciting…! who holds the key to the tiebreaker???? LOL!!

    1. Ben

      Whew, caused me quite a scare. It’s alright folks … GLG is back in the lead. 🙂

  10. Doris Jung

    I like Thai Son’s and as I haven’t bee to GLG, couldn’t really vote for them la:-) Thanks for this fun game, Ben. It’s a great coffee break treat.


    1. Ben

      Hi Doris: For the sake of GLG winning, we will allow advance voting. You can vote first for GLG with the condition you promise to go eat at GLG the next three years. Ben

  11. Winnie

    My vote goes to GLG. I cannot handle the amount of MSG at Thai Son’s. (I have a mild allergy to MSG)
    Pho Viet has 2 locations now. One Jeffry mentioned above (I usually go there cos it’s closest to my home) and one at Empire Centre (previously occupied by West Lake… the HK style Vietnamese restaurant). I totally prefer the Westerminster location. I think the broth is better there. Food at the previous West Lake location seems to adjust to the taste of customers in that area.

    1. Ben

      Hi Winnie: Just so you know, the Pho Viet on No 3 Road (old West Lake location) closed about 2 days ago. In its place will be a new Shanghainese restaurant. The Pho Viet on Westminster Highway is still there. Ben

      1. Winnie

        I see! Guess you will review the new Shanghainese restaurant once it’s open 😛
        I don’t go to that location anyway but it’s good to know

        1. Ben

          Hi Winnie: I will only review the new Shanghainese restaurant if you come too. What say you? It’s just a train ride away. Ben

  12. Crispy Lechon

    It’s sad there are only 2 votes for Pho Cao Van. 🙁 I guess its just me and bulakz who voted for them. LOL.

    1. Ben

      Hi Crispy: Hehehe … yeah, guess so. I think you need to have your taste for pho re-calibrated to everyone else’s. LOL! Sigh … Thai Son had pulled ahead by two votes. Ben

      1. Crispy Lecho

        I think they like Thai Son better than Richmond GLG because it has better ambiance. GLG is also slightly more expensive too compared to TS but they have a wider selection of Vietnamese dishes.

  13. jeffy

    I’ve been to Pho Lan and they’re ok. The place is small and a bit dirty.

    I’ve also been to Thai Son, no big deal for me. I prefer Pho 99 or Pho 78. Pho Cao Van is terrible in my opinion.

    There’s another Pho place in the same strip mall as Richmond Sushi. I can’t remember the name, they’re pretty good.

  14. Chubbypanda

    There have been a lot of restaurants in and out of that space, haven’t there. Every time I visit, it’s something new.

    Cursed restaurant space!

    1. Ben

      Hi ChubbyPanda: Wow … even living in Richmond, I don’t even notice the shops in this area and for someone from California, am amazed you remember it. There used to be a very good bakery here (Suanne’s favourite) but it is closed now. I think the name is Le Bonbon. Ben

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