Poll: Do You Use Facebook?

Many of you know that we have a fan page on facebook. The number of people who “liked” the page had been slowly increasing and is now at over 500. For those of you who have not but wants to “like” the facebook page, the page is on http://www.facebook.com/chowtimes.

I am trying to see if I should invest my time in integrating chowtimes.com more closely with FaceBook.


This is because we saw a marked increase of referrals from facebook to chowtimes. This tells us that a significant percentage of the friends of chowtimes does come to our site through that social media site.

What I am thinking of doing is to integrate not just the post from chowtimes to our facebook fan page but to also to cross post your comments from chowtimes to facebook and vice versa.

Also I am thinking of dropping our existing altlike in favour of facebook’s native alt functionality.

Can you please take a moment and participate in this 5 seconds survey. I would like to know how many of you uses facebook so that I see if it is worthwhile spending time working on this. Thanks a lot!

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  1. etranger

    I would not like my comments posted on Fbook. If they’re on your page, they are also on mine, and I would rather not have that.

    Check out Tripadvisor forums. They put in a mandatory Facebook linking but then backed off. It is now optional.

    1. Ben

      Hi etranger: Thanks for the feedback. I understand that and will respect that. I am still at the initial stages of learning what is possible and acceptable. Ben

    2. Ben

      Hi etranger: BTW, can you point me to a page that this issue had been discussed? I like to understand more. I just went to tripadvisor and at a glance it does seems like the integration is tighter than I had imagined (i.e. they uses facebook accounts quite extensively and does ask people to link apps). Ben

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