Poll: Vote for Your Favourite Stalls in the Richmond Public Market

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I could be wrong. I have a feeling that not many of you go to the Richmond Public Market (RPM) for food. I mean, with so many food courts in Richmond, there are plenty of choices. For me it will be interesting to see how many of you have been to the RPM and have a favourite stall. Polls on chowtimes will attract about 150 voters on an average and if this poll gets the same number of voters, I can deduce that there are more chowtimes friends who visits RPM than I thought.

This poll is not possible if not for the kind help of Sunny. He had been a great help on Urbanspoon by painstakingly updating it with correct information and putting up pictures. Sunny provided all the pictures of EACH AND EVERY fifteen stalls in the RPM food court! [Thanks a lot, Sunny!]


RPM-Asian-FoodsAsian Foods RPM-Captain-WaCaptain Wa
RPM-Chef-Liu-Kitchen-300x225Chef Liu Kitchen RPM-Chongqing-Family-FoodChongqing Family
RPM-Fu-Yuan-Fast-Food-300x225Fu Yuan Fast Food RPM-Guangdong-Flavor-Fast-Food-300x225Guangdong Flavor
RPM-Hong-Kong-CafeteriaHong Kong Cafeteria RPM-Jin-Jing-Delicious-CuisineJin Jing Delicious Cuisine
RPM-Noodles-DailyNoodles Daily RPM-PeanutsPeanuts
RPM-QQ-Profressional-Bubbletea-and-CoffeeQQ Professional Bubble Tea RPM-Vs-Malay-and-Thai-FoodV’s Malay and Thai
RPM-Wonder-Wok-300x225Wonder Wok RPM-Xi-An-Cuisine-300x225Xi An Cuisine
RPM-Xin-Jiang-Delicious-FoodXin Jiang Delicious

I hope you will take a minute of your time to provide us the feedback via the poll below. Please note that you are to select ALL of your favourite stalls. Don’t limit yourself to just one if you like more than one.

[poll id=”7″]

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  1. Shmoo

    Oh no, I don’t recognize many of the stalls in the photos… clearly it has been too long since I last ate at the Public Market!

    There was one stall I always liked partly because the owner lady was always really nice and friendly to us. It was the stall that used to specialize in layered, panfried, minced meat filled pancake, and dumplings… forget what else. It always felt special that she took the time and effort to be friendly and personable. From the photos, I think maybe that stall has now become Jin Jing Delicious Food. (Is JJDF new in the past year or so? Or maybe it is still the same business, but now just looks very different? I must visit and find out!)

    Anyway, if the stall I am thinking of has changed hands, I wish the owner lady well in her next venture (and I wish we had asked her name). 🙂

    1. Ben

      Hi Shmoo: Been a while since I saw your comment. Been busy lately? Any good eats to share? Ben

      1. Shmoo

        Ahhh, sniff. 🙂

        Yes, quite busy lately. I still find time to read your adventures, but no extra time to participate.

        No new good eats, been cooking at home a lot lately.

        Hope things are going well for you. On your blog you mention working some very strange hours… outsourcing-related? Hope the unusual schedule is going okay.

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