Mui Garden in Richmond: Food Was Good But Tips Not Necessary

I just want to start off by saying that “nobody is perfect”. We all make mistakes from time to time. What is important is how one deals with the situation when a mistake is made. Don’t ever lie to cover a mistake. It makes things worse. Mistakes, once realized, must be fixed as fast as possible. More about that later …

A couple of weeks ago, the whole family went out to dinner at the Mui Garden in Richmond. I wanted to go there because I ordered the wrong dish during the visit to the other Mui Garden on Victoria and 43rd in Vancouver. In that post, I complained that Curry Chicken which they are supposed to be famous for was terrible. It seems that they have different curry dishes and we got the wrong one. Yeah, there was a barrage of comments on that post telling us (again and again and again!) saying “Hey Ben, you got the wrong curry chicken!”.


The O-C (obsessive compulsive) Ben just gotta go and check the deal curry dishes out or else he keeps thinking about it day in day out. Arkensen is more than happy that dad suggested Mui Garden when I told him “yes, it is in Richmond” and “yes, it is like a HK Style Cafe”. He knows that HK Style Cafe means they have salted fish and chicken fried rice.

The Mui Garden in Richmond had been here forever. They are located on a street called Firbridge Way which no one, including Richmondites, knows the name of. To many, it is just that little side street which connects No 3 Road with Minoru Blvd behind the London Drugs building. It is hidden from the main thoroughfare but yet many people knows of Mui Garden and where it is.

Parking here seems limited but there is a roof top parking above the single storey structure that the restaurant is on. You need to drive round the back and up the ramp. We did not even realize it until we saw that inconspicuous words on the awning.


The dining area is big and it is split into two separate sections. One of the sections is on the upper level overlooking the rest of the restaurant.

There is nothing remarkable about the restaurant. Very typical Chinese restaurant with booth seats and smaller square tables.

The restaurant was … (more…)

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McDonald’s New Chipotle BBQ Bacon Angus Burger

Here is the McDonald’s newest and boldest addition to the Angus Burger line!


As in many previous new product launches, McDonalds had contacted us and asked if we would like some coupons. It was just last week, we gave away a bunch of coupons for the newly launched Buttermilk Biscuits. Those coupons came from McDonalds Canada. For those of you who got those coupons, I hope you used that and enjoyed it.


Even before we get to settle down, this time is was the McDonalds in the US who provided us even more coupons.

The Chipotle BBQ Bacon Angus is packed with 100% Angus beef, bacon, cheese, onions, pickles and a bold and spicy BBQ sauce, however, don’t be shy to run out and try one, because this sandwich, which is only available for a limited time (until March 31).

This will come in handy for those of you in Vancouver who have … (more…)

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