Opening Soon: Harbour Spirit Restaurant in Richmond

It was just last week when we drove along No 3 Road at the intersection with Lansdowne Road that the place looked kind of different. It was at night and that location looked darker than I thought. It was then I realized that Sammy J Peppers in that location was no longer Sammy J Peppers. In its place were new signs in Chinese. It wasn’t lighted up and we couldn’t see what it was.


I did a bit of digging. Apparently Sammy J Peppers had not only closed this location in Richmond but also the location in … (more…)

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Opening Soon: Shanghai Fusion Restaurant in Richmond

Let’s see if this sort of post works.

I had been seeing quite a number of restaurant openings (and closures too) around Richmond. So I thought I should make “opening soon” posts of new restaurants. That way, we can all share information, gossip and other juicy information about these restaurants.

I am going to post three new restaurants I came across in Richmond this weekend. This is the first of three.


Many of us who live in Richmond knows about the location of the Shanghai Fusion Restaurant. This is located on Empire Center. This location is where West Lake and Pho Viet (both Vietnamese restos) used to be. [Note: West Lake has moved to this new location].

The signboard looks simple and it does seems like a low budget kind of place. Frankly I am not excited about the word “Fusion”.  I wonder what Fusion means … is it fusion of Chinese cuisine or a fusion of eastern-western cuisines.

I can’t read Chinese but I think the Chinese name of this restaurant … (more…)

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Weekend Musings: My Name Is Ben And I Am a Stats Junkie …

Hi. My name is Ben and I am a stats junkie.

[Here is the part where all of you are supposed to say collectively … Hey, Ben …]

It’s true. I can’t peel my eyes off the stats on chowtimes. I guess that is one of those things that keeps us going with the blog. We use a variety of tools to keep track of the traffic. Our primary ones are sitemeterFeedjitStatCounter and Google Analytics.

I like Feedjit because it is realtime and the sound it makes each time someone hits a page … ding-ding-ding-dong-dong-ding-ding … sweet music. LOL! Every time when furious dings emitted from the computer, we are alerted that something is up (most likely visits from our dear friend, Google bot).

Suanne loves statscounter but I hate it. She likes that because she likes to see what keywords that Google brings traffic to the site. I think I know why. You see Google brings more new readers to chowtimes via recipe posts than restaurant ones.


The Flagcounter is a pretty one but it is quite useless for us. This is located way at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar.

I think we had maxed the number of flags already because for the past six months there had not been any addition of countries. I think there are either 100 flags or 104 flags (so hard to count those tiny flags).

It goes with saying that most traffic is from Canada. Although a lot of the content in chowtimes are Canadian, the traffic from the US is pretty high too. So it is good to know that the reach of chowtimes does extend beyond the 49th parallel.

The UK and Australia took 3rd and 4th spot while Malaysia and Singapore was not far behind.

Of particular interest to us is China (2,924). There used to be … (more…)

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