Opening Soon: Harbour Spirit Restaurant in Richmond

It was just last week when we drove along No 3 Road at the intersection with Lansdowne Road that the place looked kind of different. It was at night and that location looked darker than I thought. It was then I realized that Sammy J Peppers in that location was no longer Sammy J Peppers. In its place were new signs in Chinese. It wasn’t lighted up and we couldn’t see what it was.


I did a bit of digging. Apparently Sammy J Peppers had not only closed this location in Richmond but also the location in … Granville Island. I think the Granville Island location is closed a recent as the past few weeks judging from the last review on Urbanspoon dated January 23rd 2011.


The name of the new restaurant is Harbour Spirit. You can still see the SJP logo on the glass panels above. I wonder what they will do with the panels.

Some one help me with the Chinese name, please? Whatever little we know, it is a seafood restaurant. We think it is a Cantonese cuisine restaurant because of the word third word “yuet”.


This is a beautiful location with lots of parking around three sides of the restaurant. It is a rarity for Chinese restaurants to have such great expanse of space just for parking.

We have no idea when this place will be opening though. It would be interesting to see how this particular restaurant will fare against all the good Cantonese cuisine restaurants already established in Richmond.

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  1. Nicole

    I just know that SJP shut down sometime around in December because I was at Cactus Club next door and saw the lights off =

    1. Ben

      Hi Nicole: Thanks. I did not realize that SJP Richmond closed for so long already. Ben

  2. DragonFire

    Let me do the translation then 🙂

    Its name should be Dynasty Canton, Szechwan seafood restaurant~

    1. Ben

      Thanks for coming through with the translation yet again! Hmmm … interesting mix of cuisine of bold/spicy Sichuan and fresh/light Cantonese cooking. Do you (or anyone else) knows of a Chinese restaurant that combines this two very diverse Chinese cuisine? Ben

      1. DragonFire


        To be honest, there’s none chef can be good at two totally different type of cooking, the so called combine are just using the spice but the taste will never like the original one.

        On the other hand, if there’s two chef and each is good at their specialty, in this case, you will find both dishes taste like very originally. 🙂 So, that means only if the restaurant have two separate chef responsible for their dishes, otherwise it is more like a gimmick than the way you think. 🙂

  3. DylanK

    There are lots and lots of places that advertise Cantonese/Sichuan 粤/川! There’s even a place on Cambie called 粤川楼…. It just means they have kung pao chicken on the menu.

  4. tsintsin

    I think this Sichuan/Cantonese restaurants is pretty common around richmond and vancouver. One such restaurant is Imperial Court Restaurant (The chinese name is named after Wangfujing in beijing) in Richmond (王府井京川粤名菜) . Anyways, I went there for dim sum and was just like a normal Cantonese place, except their name claims to have also Beijing cuisine (hence the 京) and Sichuan (hence the 川)。 I think you also went to some Hunanese restaurants around kingsways, which are labelled as (湘 Seung/Xiang). Most of the shanghainese restaurants have the character (沪/滬 Wu、Hu) in their Chinese name.

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