Opening Soon: Man Ri Sung in Richmond — Oh DUCK Feast!

>Of all the new restaurants opening that I am most excited about, it is definitely this one.

It was yesterday, Nanzaro and I went for dinner at Tsim Chai when we had a pleasant surprise to see a familiar name. We still remember the duck feast we had in Man Ri Sung in April 2009 when they were in Coquitlam. You really gotta to see what I mean by looking at this “Oh My, Oh Wow!” post here.

A lot of the foodies were shocked a few weeks ago when the old tenant of this location closed suddenly. This place used to be a very good Sichuan restaurant called Chuan Xiang Ge.


Located in the same strip mall along Westminster Highway as Tsim Chai Noodles and Banzai Sushi House, Man Ri Sung is a Korean restaurant. When they were still in Coquitlam, their specialty is the $50 Duck Feast. The chef will personally carve the duck in front of you.

After our dinner in Tsim Chai, we walked into the yet to be ready restaurant and lo and behold … the same chef was there. None of them speak much English. Although they are Koreans, they speak Mandarin too. So I spoke with them in my best-effort Mandarin. I think we understood each other 50% of the time.


But what we both understood was the word “DUCK”. Yeah, the chef nodded and smiled when I said the word “DUCK”.

I tried to ask him if he will also be offering his Duck Feast but he did not understand me. Oh well, but I think he would because that was what he was famous for.

It looks like the Man Ri Sung in Coquitlam is closed forever. Coquitlam’s loss, Richmond’s gain. 🙂

He told me he will be opening on March 3rd (Thursday) at the latest, if not a day earlier.

Hehehe … already I had made plans to eat there already. I got a few people interested on going on March 11th, which is the Friday after their opening. Anyone interested to TOFTT?

Updated: 28th Feb 2011; we had reached our limit of 20 people for our casual dining at MRS on the March 11th event already. We are not accepting any more participation for this event.


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  1. Elaine

    Ben! Do you remember if they have alcohol on their menu? I have a gathering coming up with a few guy friends and this would be the perfect place for us to drink and eat!

    1. Elaine

      By the way the “Recent Comments” section hasn’t been loading…

      1. Ben

        Hi Elaine: Yeah, the “Recent Comments” had been flaky. I am not sure what is the problem. Usually it fixes by itself after a day or so. Maybe I’ll reboot the server right after this. BTW, I have no idea if they have liquor license but given that they are new, I am not going to be surprised if it will take them a little while longer to get if, if ever. The phone number is on the picture above. Give them a call and ask. Ben

        1. mo

          i hope they get a liquor license soon. korean food is not korean food without soju to wash it down!!!

  2. DesignGirl

    I thought the one in Coquitlam was closed forever, but since they just relocated to Richmond, this is great news!
    I’m so excited now!! The legendary duck lives!

    If you are planning something, let me know!

    1. Ben

      Hi DesignGirl: Yes we are. It is dinner on Friday, March 11th. Shoot me an email with number of people if you are interested. Ben

      1. Crispy Lechon

        Hi Ben, please add me to the dinner on March 11th for 1 person. Thanks.

        1. Jenny

          I too thought they were gone forever, this is great news. I wanna go, can you add 2 to that list if it’s not full yet 🙂

          THANK YOU!!

          1. Ben

            Hi Jenny: For sure. How can we not have you at this particular dinner. I still remember it was YOU who discovered Man Ri Sung and blogged about it. Even if we have no space, we will MAKE space for you and R. 🙂

            Hi everyone else who responded: I will continue to be in contact with you via email. Ben

  3. Alice

    ooooooooh count me in!

  4. Quenchiest

    Wow, the duck feast sounds awesome. I would love to come out and meet some other local foodies. Please count me in for one!

    1. Ben

      Noted Quenchiest. It will be great to finally meeting you (and all others too). Ben

  5. Erica Son

    Hi Ben and Suanne,
    Can you please count me and my boyfriend as well???
    Let me know please 😀
    I would love to try as well. I am Korean and yet my family doesn’t like duck where as I do.
    So it would be great to join the duck feast 😀
    Thanks for organizing 😀

    1. Ben

      Hi Erica: Sure. Will be in touch will email.

  6. Pinoy Gourmet

    Ben one spot please

  7. Elizabeth

    Hi Ben,
    I’ve been a daily visitor to your awesome blog for awhile now, although I never posted a comment. I love duck and would love to join you for dinner if you still had a space for one 🙂 Let me know!

  8. Michelle

    Hi Ben,
    Even though I live in Coquitlam, I’ve been longing to try Man Ri Sung ever since reading your post. Arvind and I would love to join you on the 11th if you still have room.
    Looking forward!!!

    1. Ben

      Hi Michelle, Elizabeth and Pinoy Gourmet: Sigh … I just don’t know how to say no. So, OK … I do not know how I am going to do it with 24 people already. I’ll figure something out. OK folks, this will be it. No more mister nice guy … I can’t take any more people … pretty please? Ben

      1. Ben

        Ooops. Re-reading this I thought that this message above could come across in a negative way. Sorry about that if it did! Yesterday was rough for me and I thought I make it funny but I guess it did not come across that way. 🙂 Ben

        1. Crispy Lechon

          Hi Ben, who said it wasn’t funny? I thought it is. I like the No More Mr. Nice Guy shirt. Mine is this:

  9. Michelle

    I will just have to be more on the ball and read your posts as soon as you put them up. For now though, I so happy we snuck in just in time….:-).

  10. Pinoy Gourmet

    Fantastic Duck Dinner Thank you for organizing the event.The roast duck was really tasty,The Duck congee and Hot pot was really delicous.Nice meeting everyone

  11. joyluckclub

    yes, sad that we couldn’t attend tonight. Looking forward to the post.

    1. Ben

      Hi Joy: It is an experience that you gotta try. You need about 4-5 people a duck and the best is to get 8-10 people so that you can get two ducks and a combination of all choices. Ben

  12. Pinoy Gourmet

    Ben,I was raving about the duck to my Korean officemate and She is going to be visiting tonight.The long trip for me,1 hour and 15 minute commute was worth it for the delicous duck.Thats why I always pull the cinderella thing around 8PM.

    1. Ben

      Hi Pinoy Gourmet: Suanne did tell me what you told her yesterday about the Cinderella thing. I was not aware of that. Next time, I’ll try to do events earlier and easier for you. Ben

  13. DesignGirl

    Great event Ben!

    Sorry for being late ><" You'll hear about our adventurous car ride when I write up a post from the event.
    I just wanted to thank you again for being so welcoming and hospitable! I met some amazing people and all my friends loved the experience.

    1. Ben

      Hi DesignGirl: Glad to finally meet you and Cyndi and the rest. There were too many people there and did not have the time to get to know everyone. Thanks for making this event such as great time! Oh? There is drama on the car ride to the Man Ri Sung? I’ll watch out for it! Ben

  14. Quenchiest

    Awesome dinner! Thanks again to Ben and Suanne for organizing. It was great meeting everyone.

    1. Ben

      Thanks for coming, Quenchiest. It is great to be able to put a face to a name. The company was amazing and that is the best part of the night … strangers getting to know one another over food. Good food does remove barriers and everyone chatted with one another like they had known each other for years. This is what I find so rewarding organizing dinners like this. 🙂 Ben

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