Alaskan King Crab Dinner — Anyone Interested?

Wow … I think a lot people are excited about the Alaskan King Crab and I am sure many of you will be organizing a chowdown these two short weeks.

The problem is, for AKC, you need to have many people to devour the 8 pound crab. An 8 pounder will feed about 5-6 people, there abouts.

I think some of you expects me to organize a Alaskan King Crab dinner. So here I am again, sticking my neck out. 🙂 OK I admit, I can’t get AKC out of my mind today.


Suanne had made some inquiries and here is what we have planned. We need to make sure we have the numbers to pull this off. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT PART OF MY WILD WIN-WIN-WIN IDEA. LOL! This one you got to pay — almost through your nose because this is not your $7.95 Char Koay Teow with free milk tea kind of thing.

If you are still interested, read on … 

  • The restaurant is Sun Sui Wah on Main and East 23rd.
  • The choice of the restaurant is because Sun Sui Wah is reputed to be the pioneer of AKC
  • Another reason is because Sun Sui Wah won Gold for their 3-way AKC rendition (see this)
  • The three way AKC is:
    • Steam with Garlic
    • Fried with Pepper and Salt
    • Rice Served On Shell
  • We had tentatively booked a private room for 30 people
  • The current AKC price is $16.80 which is at least $130. Note that the prices will fluctuate which means that it could be higher or lower by the date of the dinner.
  • We will order additional dishes to be worked out later.
  • We think that the cost will be $40 – $50 per person (before tax, tips and liquor extra).
  • Since we are asking for a private room, there will be a minimum charge of $400 per table which means that it will cost not less than $40.
  • Date is Saturday, March 12th 2011. Yeah, it is the day after the Man Ri Sung dinner but we have no better date than this.
  • Time is 6:30 PM
  • This will be a private party


I need to know by Sunday if we can muster 30 people for this Alaskan King Crab dinner party. First come first serve … please send email to with your name, your phone and the number of people in your party.

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  1. joyluckclub

    “OK I admit, I can’t get AKC out of my mind today.”

    haha…you were not alone!
    It only took mere moments to gather a group of eager participants to partake in a feast over here! 🙂

  2. Marike

    Tempting…very tempting…

  3. Franklin

    This is off-topic (from your event) but you MUST try teppanyaki with alaskan king crab! I’ve never tasted king crab with this much natural flavor!

    I tried it at Kanpeki in Richmond because my friend knew the owner, brought the 12lb monster over, and requested it to be part of the meal.

    But I’m sure this can be done elsewhere, or even in your own home if anyone wants to try it and share their experience.

  4. You gotta stop tempting us with these amazing dinner ideas – we got a wedding to save up for ><

  5. Sandi

    Just wondering how many people have signed up..

    1. Ben

      Hi Sandi: So far we have nine names confirmed. Question to you (or everyone else): is the cost of $40+ a deterrence? We can do this cheaper but it’s just that we will not have a room by ourselves as they require a minimum $400 a table. We might be able to do it with $30. Anyway, if we cannot secure 30 people we will like be out in the general dining area (which is not a problem as far as I am concerned). Are you thinking of joining too? Ben

      1. Crispy Lechon

        I would love to come but unfortunately its on a Saturday and I’m not available. IMHO although I’m not going, I would prefer the cheaper price versus the private room. But thats just me coz my real nickname is CL (Cheap Lechon). LOL

        1. Elaine

          I agree with Lechon…plus being loud is definitely not an issue in a Chinese restaurant anyways LMAO

          1. Ben

            So Elaine … if it is, say, $30 you will consider coming along? Is that what you are saying? Ben

          2. Elaine

            Oh for this dinner I definitely can’t make it. But just from a outsider’s POV the extra money for the room is not worth it if you are there for the food right?

          3. Ben

            Oh no. There is no extra charge for the use of the private room. It is just that we need to spend a minimum of $400 a table. But thanks anyway for the clarification.

          4. Buddha Girl

            Hi Ben:
            Usually $400 per table is the price before tips and taxes, so just want to give you a friendly reminder to check with the restaurant to see if this is the case! ^_^

          5. Ben

            Thanks for the reminder BG.

          6. Buddha Girl

            Well, it depends, if you know that the meal will come to $400+, then made sense to get a private room since the dinner can be more discreet and enjoyable, plus you always have one server attending your table.

  6. Sandi

    Hi Ben,

    Sure – we’ll be there. I don’t think the $40 is much of a deterrent, give the specialty item that we’re dealing with. Having never had AKC before, I like knowing that those around me who have had it before can give their opinion…I’m very excited! It’s not often I get to experience a new delicacy…

    PS When we go to Cactus Club, have a couple of appy’s, burgers and and say, two cocktails, we’re at the $40 pp range anyway..

    1. Ben

      Thanks Sandi. We have 15 19 20 people confirmed now (with 1 5 more tentative). So it is looking better. I am still gonna keep my options open about the $40+ price range. Ben

  7. Trish

    I have been following this blog for years and this is my first comment ever! I would be interested in going but it’s a bit pricey for my budget. If it was priced at $30 before taxes / liquor / tip, I would def be interested and might be able to bring a few people along with me. I love Sun Sui Wah on Main, it’s one of my fave places for dim sum!

  8. James

    Yes Ben, I definitely will go for AKC dinner, only me and my empty stomach will show up. Would you confirm me via email? Thanks.

    1. Ben

      Awesome James. We are very close to putting new requests on a standby list. Will look forward to meeting you. Yeah, come hungry!Ben

  9. Elizabeth

    Heehee, I’m already going for the duck feast but I want the AKC dinner too! If you still have a space available for 1, I’ll see you and Suanne for two nights in a row 🙂

    1. Ben

      Hi Elizabeth: We are full. I am going to put you on a standby while we discuss with the restaurant whether we can comfortably accommodate a few more. Will contact via email. Ben

      1. Elizabeth

        Hi Ben,
        My mom just called from Korea to let me know she is back on the 12th of March. I’ll be glad to see her but that means I would be missing out on the AKC dinner. Hope you guys have yummy AKC dinner! 🙂 I will see you on Friday though for sure!

        1. Ben

          Hi Elizabeth: Thanks for letting us know. You will still be coming for the Man Ri Sung Duck fest, right? Ben

          1. Elizabeth

            Hi Ben,

            Of course! I wouldn’t miss it! 🙂

  10. Allan K

    I have been lurking around following the posts of several Vancouver food bloggers, especially ChowTimes and Sherman.
    The king crab dinner seems appetizing and I’d love to hop in and eat it… but I think my parents will object at going with random people. =O
    BTW does anybody know when king crab is in season? e.g. Is it happening now? If so I’ll definitely have to tell my parents to head over to a Congee Noodle King to eat some! ^^;

  11. Allan K

    Actually never mind, so it is in season. Time to bother my parents about it. xD

  12. Pinoy Gourmet

    Allan K,We are “scary”random people,I wonder what your parents would think you meeting “gasp”School Board Officials,IT Professionals,Students,Business Managers etc who all love food.Horror of Horrors they might turn you into a “Foodie”Just kidding enjoy your King Crab with your family

  13. whiners

    used to go to northern dynasty for their akc.. but i think they closed down already?

    ah..if only i can afford it~
    guess i’ll have to wait for the reviews and drool in front of the screen~ :P”’

  14. Shelley

    I’m sure this will be another amazing dinner! Wish I could join you, but I have another dinner to go to the same night… Will have to wait for the review later.

  15. Sepad Makan

    Thanks Ben and Suanne. Dinner was everything we hoped for. Delicious. Met some very nice people as well. Sun Sui Wah was up to their usual excellent standards.

    1. Ben

      Hi Sepad Makan: Did you type your name wrongly and that it should be Sedap Makan? 🙂 Thanks for coming to the dinner yesterday. Glad you liked it. Ben

      1. Sedap Makan

        Whoops – late night typo on the name.

    1. Ben

      Hi Frank and Liz: Thanks for the pix! Ben

      1. Crispy Lechon

        Wow that really look delicious. Too bad I missed it. Just curious, how much did the dinner cost per person, all in?

        1. Ben

          Hi Crispy: The dinner was $46 all in. I was not happy with the prices because there were a lot of heavy handed last-minute up-selling in the restaurant by the restaurant manager. Ben

          1. Crispy Lechon

            I think its pretty good price with all the other dishes you had, like Peking Duck and of course its at Sun Sui Wah which is on the pricier side.

          2. Crispy Lechon

            BTW, I went to T&T Richmond this morning to check out their AKC sale. It’s on sale for 10.99 a lb. But they only have 3 small AKC crabs left. I don’t know if they are getting some more later. The sale is on till tomorrow.

          3. Ben

            Hi Crispy: I just posted a writeup on AKC prices. I think T&T’s modus operandi is to advertise low prices but they are small crabs. After going to a few places and monitoring prices, we think that T&T is not worth it although to someone new to buying AKC it is the easiest place to buy (clean, bright, speaks English, good service, etc). Ben

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