Announcing the Winner of the $100 Lumiere Gift Card

We had an astounding 261 entries for the draw to the $100 Lumiere Gift Card (which can also be used in db Bistro Moderne) which was announced in this post.

I did not anticipate so many entries because I thought that even with a $100 gift card, one would need to fork out quite a bit more for a decent meal in Lumiere. Well, I guess one could also use this in the cheaper db Bistro Moderne.


You know, I thought that a lot more people would enter more than one entry. It seems like the great majority of you made only one entry. There are only 19 people who had made more than one entry from the same computer. We allow that because we cannot second guess the legitimacy of the entry.

There is only one who seems to have a big family living in the same house. Either that or he/she is a professional lucky draw entrant. LOL!

Here is the winner …  (more…)

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Nanzaro-Inspired Bah Kut Teh Hot Pot in Chez Suanne

About a month ago, we experimented with having hot pot with a difference.

Instead of the usual broth you normally find in hot pot restaurants, we tried it with laksa instead. And it was not just any laksa … it was with Bo’s Laksa. Many people swear that Bo’s Laksa has no equal in Vancouver. The Laksa Hot Pot was fabulous and you should try it at home. You can see our post of the Laksa Hot Pot here.


That successful trial set us thinking about other possibilities … what else besides Laksa would make a great hot pot? It has to be something you do not come across in hot pot restaurants.

Well, we found another winner! This time it is Bah Kut Teh Hot Pot.

There is a problem I want to address up front. I received complain from a certain individual that sometimes I do not credit him for being the originator of the idea. I had many lunches and dinners with this individual before. So this time I want to make it right. I was reminded repeatedly by him (almost everyday!) that when I write this post, I must call out the fact that idea did not come from Ben and the idea did not come from Suanne.

So ladies and gentleman … as requested … the whole idea for the Bah Kut Teh Hot Pot is …  (more…)

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