Anyone Likes a FREE Alaskan King Crab Dinner?

Some of the best things in life is free … agree?

I know this is controversial but I had decided to proceed with the plan. If some of you recall in this post, I proposed a wild suggestion which I call a win-win-win proposal. Seeing so many restaurants put up ads in the papers announcing their Alaskan King Crab offering, I thought it they could instead take part of the advertising budget and use it for the benefit of chowtimes readers. I suggested that it go into treating chowtimes readers a dinner, a FREE Alaskan King Crab dinner.

Like I said, it is a controversial plan and I will explain it at the bottom of this post. Right now, I want to get to the action part!


The plan is to be a win-win-win situation where:

  • A win for the restaurant
  • A win for the lucky chowtimes readers
  • A win for chowtimes

A restaurant did actually respond. It turns out that it was a restaurant that Suanne and I know quite well too. So, with that the plan is a go!

This is how we are going to do it … (more…)

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