Flo Tea Room: Free Toasts Before 5:00 PM

Nanzaro is one of those people who unselfishly volunteers his time helping people or be involved extra-curricula activities. He likes doing things like that. He had been spending a lot of time over months training for a first aid competition against some tough competition from St Johns Ambulance. In the days leading to the competition, I could see he was anxious and did not want me to ask him about the competition.

Well, his team did not win anything. Obviously the St Johns Ambulance groups swept the honors. After all this is a first aid competition. The Air Cadets did not stand a chance against the pros. But despite the results, I thought that his dedication to doing the best he can be is admirable.

The competition started in the morning and it lasted to late afternoon. When we picked him up, he was upbeat despite being soundly beaten. The first thing he said was “Taiwanese and Bubble Tea”. Suanne and I laughed at him, particularly at the bubble tea part. We had teased him before why he is not like other Asian boys who hangs out at bubble tea houses. He always says that only Asian girls hangs out in Bubble Tea houses and boys go there because they are forced to tag along.


Like Nanzaro, I do not find bubble tea houses appealing. But Suanne latched on to the suggestion. She said we should go to the Flo Tea Room because she remembers that they have free toasts in the afternoon. Moreover the Flo Tea Room was just on our route home.

It was quite a rush getting to the Flo Tea Room. You see, the free toast is available only from … (more…)

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Free Gelato from Kooperz.com, Vancouver’s Daily Deals

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I don’t think many of you out there remembers but back in January I wrote briefly about a Vancouver Daily Deal site called Kooperz. At that time, I mentioned that I was doing it for a friend of a friend. I did not realize that the friend of a friend was actually a personal friend of ours!

It is just amazing to learn that our friends are so enterprising that they had been working on this site. The more we learned about them, the more impressed we were. I was curious and wanted to find out more. They are a new kid on the block … on a block of many new kids already. It was only in our discussions that I realize how many daily deal sites there are out there.

Kooperz focuses on putting together daily deals for Vancouver restaurants and other lifestyle pursuits in Vancouver. They do provide an unique differentiator from other similar sites. Kooperz allows their users to suggest and promote deals that they would like to see featured on their site. They will then go out and find those deals for you. So at Kooperz, they put the power of group buying back into the hands of their users — more like what good old traditional group buying is like.

We asked Kooperz for some freebies for chowtimes readers and they readily said yes. So, yeah, here is something for you all!


Kooperz had offer to give 30 free gelatos as a treat to chowtimes readers. The free gelatos are courtesy of Adria Gelato in Burnaby’s Highgate Village on Kingsways and Salisbury Ave. I had never tried Adria’s gelato before but here is something about their gelato:

  • Gelato are made in small batches throughout the day with only good and fresh ingredients. No chemicals or fillers are used.
  • The recipe follows a secret recipe in Italy. The owner paid through the nose to obtain it.
  • The owner is European and is very persistent and determined to make good gelatos.
  • Gelato batches are thrown away after a few hours when they are not consumed, to ensure the freshness.

If you would like to try it, all you have to do it simple. Just … (more…)

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