My Lunch: Cattle Cafe on Kingsway, Burnaby

Let’s see … 47 hours more to go before the project I am working on goes live. Whew. There was lot of last minute issues that we still have. Very busy since 5AM this morning. Helping the team keep calm and focus their attention to the most crucial ones is what I am gonna do. At this stage a few balls will be dropped but the team worked their butts off already. They are all committed to give their 101% and that is I can ask for. Time to let go and let the team weave their magic. All they need is for me to let them do their job … and to trust them to pull through. Am swinging into the “protect the team” mode.


I just shot off a “48 Hours: The Readiness for RE030 Cutover” email as an update to management. Complex delivery with 8 teams to coordinate. Time to chill for the next hour or so. I can’t go far from my desk and so just went to Cattle Cafe. This place is just 2 minutes walk away.


This places sways busy during … (more…)

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Meat Glue

Someone sent me a link to a video about Meat Glue and the application of it in the food industry.

Having never heard of it before, I was certainly intrigued by it. Here watch this:


I did a search on Wikipedia to find out more. Meat Glue has a sexier name. It is called Transglutaminase. Apparently this is not new. Meat Glue had been discovered since … (more…)

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