My Lunch: Green Bamboo in Crystal Mall, Burnaby

LotusRapper keeps raving about this place that I just gotta blog about it. I want to try for myself why he likes the Taiwanese Beef Noodle so much. I had been here twice before. Just that I did not blog. It was my pre-iPhone blogging days.


It is such a beautiful day today to be out for lunch. The sun is out in it’s full glory. Blue skies. Have not seen many of those days lately. A bit windy though. So it is a little colder than it looks.


The Green Bamboo is located at the west side outer front of Crystal Mall. It is the side that faces Willingdon. The sign outside the restaurant says Green Bamboo Viet Noodles. But they do … Continue reading

The Place on Granville, Vancouver

It had been a while.

After 5 years of blogging we find that the local Asian restaurant scene had changed a lot. Suanne and I don’t normally go back to restaurants we had blogged about before. Instead we wanted to try new places and seek new dishes.

However, we realized that a lot of our earlier blog posts are already dated. Some of which are no longer relevant. So we thought it might be a good idea to make visits back to some of them that we remember as very good ones.


So what better place to go to but The Place. In Chinese, this restaurant is called 老地方 which mean the old place — a place you go back to for old time sake.

We were here and blogged about The Place in this post three years ago.  The Place is located on Granville Street in the south end of Vancouver.


Yeah, the above was what we had three years ago. We particularly like the Family Hot Pot (center) which had a nice name in Chinese. It is called Chien Gar Fook which means …

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Fake Eggs

Gosh. I just read this news article of a Malaysian housewife who discovered fake eggs she bought in the market. I never knew such things existed but Suanne said she had come across this in youtube before. So here it is … and it is in English:


So what do you think of that? The video above even show how these fake eggs are made.