Chowtimes Chowdown: Shanghai House Restaurant

I can’t count and almost made a mess of it!

Actually when I plan for a chowdown, it is actually Suanne who does the heavy lifting behind the scenes. She is meticulous. Me? I get utterly confused when numbers are thrown at me. You see, for once I thought it would be easy for me to just plan the dinner myself since Suanne has already a lot on her plate.

Let me take you back to the genesis of this chowdown. It was two months ago I blogged about the good lunch I had in Shanghai House. It was so good, authentic and cheap that I mentioned that I would love to go back again for dinner and this time order more food. Of course with a few more people to make it more “dai” (worthwhile). Somewhere within the comment thread, someone suggested that I organize a chowdown. And I said sure, I’ll do it.


It was a quickie plan. I called for a show of hands of people who are interested. The post was put up on a Wednesday and I suggested a chowdown on Friday. Actually, I was thinking that we will have only two, maybe three couples who will attend given the short 2 day notice.

It then quickly got out of hands for me. Amidst my work and handling the emails and all, I guess I lost track of who is coming with who and all. I wanted to have a dinner on ONE table only. Spreading attendees over two tables defeats the purpose of having a good time chatting with everyone. So, I counted 14 people and I confirmed with Shanghai House that they have a table for 14 and 15 with a tight squeeze.

16 turned up.

I was in trouble! Good thing a few good sport did not mind sitting on a stool to make room for everyone. Sorry guys, it was my mistake. Next time, I’ll let Master Suanne handle this.


The restaurant was full that Friday evening. Nope, the picture above was not from the Friday but from the first early lunch we had. I just want to show you how pleasant the dining hall was. One could be easily fooled thinking this is a restaurant with above average prices. It is not. The prices will … Continue reading

My Lunch: Return for Taiwanese Beef Noodles in a Vietnamese Restaurant

Yeah it was a dumb mistake on my part yesterday. Ordered the wrong dish at the Green Bamboo Viet Noodles. I know this sounds kind of odd. I did not want to order Vietnamese noodles in a Vietnamese restaurant. I wanted to order TAIWANESE noodles in a VIETNAMESE restaurant. Don’t ask me why. Ask LotusRapper. It was all his fault.


It is another bright blue skies day today. Since I got to office extra early, I think I go have brunch instead. No more meetings for the rest of the day and just need to deal with paperwork mostly. The Green Bamboo opens early at 11AM anyway.


It rained two days ago. So the north shore mountains have new snow. Will not last but I enjoy looking at it.


First customer. Right on the dot at 11AM. Small place right? It can fit 25 people. 30 at a squeeze.

I don’t even need to … Continue reading